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Analytics on your inventory
By doing an automated analysis of your inventory levels, you can work out ways to increase your chances of having the part you need readily available, whilst reducing the amount of money tied up in inventory, says ASCI.
13 Jul 2012

BP and Shell sponsor 2012 British Science Festival
The British Science Festival, to be held in Aberdeen in September, has announced that BP and Shell will be sponsors.
13 Jul 2012

3D PDF Technology for the supply chain
3D CAD models of spare parts, embedded into PDFs, can be used to improve purchasing and maintenance, says EOS Solutions
06 Jul 2012

Want to manage logistics like Caterpillar?
Heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar believes that its internal logistics processes, which manage supplies of 620,000 spare parts, are so good that it is offering them as a service to oil and gas companies
06 Jul 2012

Service company IT and corporate IT
Who is responsible for fitting together IT from service companies and the corporate IT department? The business unit managers. Are they the best people to do it? By Mark Reynolds, staff drilling analyst, Southwestern Energy (Houston)
29 Jun 2012

$200k for oil and gas microbiology research
Intertek has agreed to provide $200,000 for the University of Calgary to make research into petroleum microbiology.
29 Jun 2012

Does your IT department work well with operations?
Is IT staying with the demands and requirements of an operations department in developing new ways to do business better? Perhaps not, says Dutch Holland
22 Jun 2012

BusinessPort - helping you streamline your processes
BusinessPort of Aberdeen grew 33 per cent last year and doubled staff head count, helping companies integrate Process, Risk and Compliance through the use of its agility intelligent Business Management System.
22 Jun 2012

Schlumberger gets into unmanned marine vehicles
Schlumberger has formed a partnership with Liquid Robotics Inc to develop services for the oil and gas industry using "Wave Gliders", unmanned marine vehicles.
22 Jun 2012

Using glass to recycle production and frac waters
Produced Water Absorbents (PWA), a company based in Wooster, Ohio, has won a $500,000 grant from the US National Science Foundation, to develop technology for recycling production and frac waters, using an absorbent glass material.
22 Jun 2012

Getting comfortable with disasters faster
After a disaster, senior executives can usually figure out what to do and what to say eventually - but it helps if they get there faster, says UK consultancy Link Associates
15 Jun 2012

Tiandi Energy - geoscientists available on demand
Tiandi Energy of Houston has developed a new service, to provide geoscientists and engineering professionals on demand.
15 Jun 2012

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