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Arria Natural Language Generation

Arria NLG is a company specialising in Natural Language Generation (NLG) for mission critical industries, including oil and gas, healthcare and meterology. It has offices in London, Aberdeen, New York and Auckland.

The complexity and variety of offshore data sources mean that analysis and reporting process can take several hours. The ARRIA NLG Engine replicates the expertise of the engineer, providing an analysis and recommendation in less than a minute.

Arria Natural Language Generation Latest News

Can text summaries of data help people make better decisions than visualisations
Research in the medical sector has shown that people can make better decisions when information is presented to them in text, rather than in graphs. Could this mean that if we present asset integrity information as text, people can make much better decisions with it?
29 Oct 2014

Arria NLG announces Proof of Concept Agreement
Arria NLG plc (AIM: NLG), a leader in the development and deployment of Natural Language Generation (''NLG'') technologies, announces a new collaborative proof of concept agreement with a leading provider of power systems controls intelligence to the aviation industry (the ''POC Agreement'').
14 Oct 2014

When natural language beats visualisation
Computers usually communicate data to us using complex visualisations - while we usually communicate with our colleagues using language - by speaking to them. Could computers communicate with us using language too? By Dr Robert Dale, CTO and Chief Strategy Scientist, Arria NLG
09 Oct 2014

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Using Analytics to Manage Asset Integrity
What is the best way to use analytics to understand asset and equipment condition
24 Sep 2014


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