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Baker Hughes, a GE company (NYSE: BHGE) is the world's first and only fullstream provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions. We deploy minds and machines to enhance customer productivity, safety and environmental stewardship, while minimizing costs and risks at every step of the energy value chain. With operations in over 120 countries, we infuse over a century of experience with the spirit of a startup - inventing smarter ways to bring energy to the world.

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Baker Hughes Latest News

ADNOC and BHGE form a strategic partnership to improve drilling efficiencies
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC or the Group) and Baker Hughes, a GE company signed a strategic partnership agreement, that will enable and support the growth and development of ADNOC's subsidiary, ADNOC Drilling, into a fully-integrated drilling and well construction provider.
02 Nov 2018

BHGE releases field-proven coiled tubing simulation software
Baker Hughes, a GE company, announced the introduction of its CIRCA coiled tubing simulation software, which enables coiled tubing service providers to maximize equipment performance and improve operational efficiency in well interventions.
18 Aug 2017

Baker Hughes and GE creating the world’s first and only "fullstream" company
Baker Hughes, a GE company has announced that the transaction combining GE's oil and gas business with Baker Hughes is complete.
21 Jul 2017

Baker Hughes announces the industry's first adaptive drill bit
Baker Hughes announced the commercial release of its TerrAdapt adaptive drill bit, which can deliver dramatic improvements in drilling economics by using automation to mitigate downhole dysfunctions that cause inefficient drilling and costly tool failures.
21 Mar 2017

Saudi Aramco and Baker Hughes introduce innovative cable-deployed ESP system
TransCoil rigless-deployed ESP expands the operating envelope and improves reliability vs. existing alternative deployment systems.
21 Feb 2017

Baker Hughes service converts complex drilling data
Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of its WellLink Performance service, designed to help operators reduce invisible lost time (ILT) by transforming the complex data buried within legacy applications, drilling reporting systems and data streams into real-time information that is accessible and actionable.
28 Jun 2016

Baker Hughes introduces model-based, predictive analytics software
Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of its FieldPulse model-based, predictive analytics software , which enables operators to proactively optimize production across entire fields by giving them clear understanding of an asset's performance in real time.
22 Apr 2016

Baker Hughes introduces solution to avoid production interruptions
CENesis PHASE solution improves production, artificial lift system reliability and reserve recovery.
18 Dec 2015

Baker Hughes LWD service helps improve drilling efficiency and increase recovery
Baker Hughes announced the commercial release of its VisiTrak geospatial navigation and analysis LWD service. This LWD service combines advanced pre-well modeling, deep-reading LWD sensors, proprietary visualization software and precise reservoir navigation to improve efficiency in well construction and facilitate optimal well placement for increased hydrocarbon recovery.
01 Oct 2015

Baker Hughes introduces revolutionary technology for cement evaluation
Baker Hughes announced the commercial release of its Integrity eXplorer cement evaluation service: a radical change in the evaluation of the cement integrity of oil and gas wells.
24 Jul 2015

Baker Hughes and Aker Solutions to cooperate on early-phase oiland gas studies
Aker Solutions and Baker Hughes agreed to cooperate on early-phase studies to help customers improve the overall economics and value of oil and gas field developments.
25 Jun 2015

Baker Hughes Introduces GaugePro Echoon-command digital reamer
Baker Hughes announced the commercial release of its GaugePro Echo on-command digital reamer, the industry's first bi-directional digital reaming tool. The new reamer provides the reliability, flexibility and operational insight needed to maintain wellbore stability while drilling through challenging formations or constructing lean-profile wells in deep water and other high-cost applications. It also minimizes the rathole, extra hole at the bottom part of the wellbore that is drilled with the bit only, and decreases the additional reaming trips typically required for this section.
14 May 2015


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