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Founded in 2006, Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, covering developments in exploration, drilling and production, covering IT infrastructure, software, automation and people. We produce 6 issues per year, distributed by print and pdf, and an e-mail newsletter every Friday

Digital Energy Journal Latest News

Making digitech work
Digitech equipment, such as sensors and drones, is getting cheaper, but the challenge is still working out how to get value from it. A conference session at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen looked at reducing uncertainty, risk taking and data management, with speakers from Schlumberger, AkerBP, Statoil and Wood Mackenzie.
15 Feb 2018

1st Subsurface - developing subsurface databases
1st Subsurface Oilfield Management, a consultancy in Aberdeen, is developing subsurface databases covering producing and abandoned fields, unsanctioned discoveries, prospects and leads in all the UKCS oil and gas basins and now internationally.
15 Feb 2018

PPDM - professionalising data management
The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) is developing ways to improve the professionalism of data management - and continuing to develop its standards.
30 Jan 2018

Target - a cloud data repository for Oman
Target Oilfield Services is building a cloud based data repository for the Oman government - and finding that putting data on the cloud can make it easier to manage. Would oil companies get the same benefits from cloud based data hosting?
30 Jan 2018

How to improve production
Digital Energy Journal held a forum in Aberdeen on March 14 looking at what new approaches to digital technology can help improve production - which came up with some exciting ideas.
08 Sep 2017

Getting 'small pools' into production
What is the best way to get 'small pools' - discovered offshore reservoirs, so far deemed uneconomic - into production? A conference session at this year's Subsea Expo event in Aberdeen explored in depth.
08 Sep 2017

From our magazine: Tactics and strategy in oil and gas analytics
Analytics tools can help us refine our tactics in the oil and gas industry, but real competitive advantage comes from finding the best way to put these tactics together, to form our 'strategy'. And here, perhaps we shouldn't expect analytics to help us, writes Keith Holdaway.
26 May 2017

From our magazine: Ian Jack - future seismic technology
After the 1986 downturn, we saw a renewed interest in seismic technology. What kind of technology might oil and gas companies be interested in this time around? Ian Jack, a former distinguished advisor at BP, shared his ideas at our London conference.
26 May 2017

Getting out of the downturn with Intelligent Energy
The first plenary discussion of the Intelligent Energy conference in Aberdeen in September discussed whether Intelligent Energy can lead the industry out of the downturn - with speakers from Shell, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and BP.
08 Apr 2017

Jobs if you know SAP
One sector of the oil and gas industry is currently recruiting - people who know SAP.
03 Feb 2017

Digital technology and decommissioning
The oil and gas decommissioning industry is growing massively, in the North Sea. A large amount of digital technology is involved. We went to the Decom Offshore 2016 conference in Aberdeen in May to find out more.
17 Jan 2017

Big data and oil and gas
How should the oil and gas industry treat data, data scientists and data governance? Shaun Connolly, VP corporate strategy with big data software company Hortonworks has some ideas.
09 Dec 2016

Have sponsored the following events

Developments with the digital oilfield
making digital technology work
04 Dec 2012

Managing declining fields with geophysics
Monitoring reservoirs in production - business opportunity or blind alley?
27 Nov 2012

Optimising the supply chain and logistics
Managing complexity and keeping supply chains under control
20 Nov 2012

Doing more with drilling data
Drilling more efficiently and safely
16 Oct 2012

IT infrastructure for the digital oilfield
Keeping your IT infrastructure risk and hassle free
07 Jun 2012

Drilling and the digital oilfield
Earlier warnings, activity streams, subsurface data for drillers, drill cuttings data
08 May 2012

Developments with subsurface data
Finding better ways to work with subsurface data
13 Mar 2012

Optimising supply chains
Finding ways to optimise supply chains
28 Feb 2012

Developments with the digital oilfield
Learn about the latest exciting technology which can make the digital oilfield work
01 Dec 2011


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