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Founded in 2006, Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, covering developments in exploration, drilling and production, covering IT infrastructure, software, automation and people. We produce 6 issues per year, distributed by print and pdf, and an e-mail newsletter every Friday

Digital Energy Journal Latest News

Getting out of the downturn with Intelligent Energy
The first plenary discussion of the Intelligent Energy conference in Aberdeen in September discussed whether Intelligent Energy can lead the industry out of the downturn - with speakers from Shell, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and BP.
08 Apr 2017

Jobs if you know SAP
One sector of the oil and gas industry is currently recruiting - people who know SAP.
03 Feb 2017

Digital technology and decommissioning
The oil and gas decommissioning industry is growing massively, in the North Sea. A large amount of digital technology is involved. We went to the Decom Offshore 2016 conference in Aberdeen in May to find out more.
17 Jan 2017

Big data and oil and gas
How should the oil and gas industry treat data, data scientists and data governance? Shaun Connolly, VP corporate strategy with big data software company Hortonworks has some ideas.
09 Dec 2016

Making projects more integrated
Imagine planning entire development projects around a certain profit margin - rather than trying to be as effective as you can and hoping you achieve a project margin at the end of it? IO Oil and Gas explains how it could work.
17 Oct 2016

How to get past "no" - Jonathan Guthrie
Senior management in oil and gas companies often avoid interesting analytics projects because they are more comfortable doing things the way they always did them, said energy consultant Jonathan Guthrie.
26 Feb 2016

How to use analytics to improve production
Digital Energy Journal's Aberdeen conference on Sept 29 2015 explored how man and machine (or woman and machine) can work together to achieve the best results in production.
18 Dec 2015

National data repository in India
India has a project to build a National Data Repository (NDR) - but is there enough support to make the project work?
25 Jun 2015

How CSEM improves probability of success
Using controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) surveys in exploration can help you increase the chances of finding oil, says Daniel Baltar of EMGS
11 Jun 2015

1600km of subsea assets with fibre by Omnisens
Omnisens, based in Morges, Switzerland, reports that its fibre optic subsea monitoring systems are now monitoring 1600km of various subsea assets.
11 Jun 2015

Actuarial firm launches new services for Oil & Gas exploration companies
Innovative new services apply actuarial principles to oil and gas exploration for the first time Barnett Waddingham, the UK's largest independent firm of actuaries and consultants, has today announced the launch of an innovative new suite of actuarial based services for companies in the oil and gas exploration industry.
04 Jun 2015

The UK’s Technology Priorities now
The technology priorities of the UK Continental Shelf are finding a way to develop a 30m boe oilfield for under £100m; finding a way to build wells for 50 per cent of current costs; and finding an automated way to inspect vessels and inspect for corrosion under installation. Our report from the ITF 'Technology Showcase' event in Aberdeen on March 4.
28 May 2015

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Developments with the digital oilfield
making digital technology work
04 Dec 2012

Managing declining fields with geophysics
Monitoring reservoirs in production - business opportunity or blind alley?
27 Nov 2012

Optimising the supply chain and logistics
Managing complexity and keeping supply chains under control
20 Nov 2012

Doing more with drilling data
Drilling more efficiently and safely
16 Oct 2012

IT infrastructure for the digital oilfield
Keeping your IT infrastructure risk and hassle free
07 Jun 2012

Drilling and the digital oilfield
Earlier warnings, activity streams, subsurface data for drillers, drill cuttings data
08 May 2012

Developments with subsurface data
Finding better ways to work with subsurface data
13 Mar 2012

Optimising supply chains
Finding ways to optimise supply chains
28 Feb 2012

Developments with the digital oilfield
Learn about the latest exciting technology which can make the digital oilfield work
01 Dec 2011


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