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ICOE Research/International Centre for Oil and the Environment (ICOE)

ICOE was founded by Sir Alastair Dunnett and William J Cairns in 1978 with charitable status and existed in this form for twenty four years. Its aim through conferences, seminars, publications and research is to transfer knowledge gained from an industry at the forefront of technological and environmental expertise. ICOE took on the joint industry, government, consultancy and academic task to produce the initial twenty year environmental performance record of North Sea oil and gas developments published by Elsevier in 1992, entitled 'North Sea Oil and the Environment, Developing Oil and Gas Resources, Environmental Impacts and Responses.' This seminal project was sponsored by BP.

ICOE formed its present centre for environmental research to undertake specific assignments on a project by project basis including studies on Carbon Capture and Storage for Scottish Enterprise Energy, and a feasibility and scoping study on Global Petroleum, 'Meeting the Sustainability Challenge' sponsored by BP. ICOE with the Crown Estate and the Offshore Renewables Institute organised the Workshop on Exploring the Interfaces between Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables

ICOE has evolved as a project-oriented, innovative research centre whose purpose is to promote technology and EHS management best practice for the global petroleum industry.

ICOE Research/International Centre for Oil and the Environment (ICOE) Latest News

Industry and Scottish Government back oil & gas resource
A major digital resource developed for the oil and gas industry, has received £50,000 from the Scottish Government.
06 Jun 2017

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The North Atlantic - where are the big fields hiding?
Understanding the North Atlantic opportunity
30 Oct 2012


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