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Matrikon International provides equipment data connectivity software and hardware based on OPC standards. The Matrikon promise is to empower customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors' systems, provide practical OPC training and deliver superior client care. Matrikon builds close relationships with its customers to best address their business and technical needs. With offices in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Matrikon provides local presence on a global scale. Matrikon is a vendor neutral connectivity supplier. Visit Matrikon at

Matrikon International Latest News

OPC - UA and modelling your devices
The OPC UA communication protocol can make it easier for your software systems to build a model of the devices on your industrial network - which means much simpler software. We interviewed Matrikon's Darek Kominek.
23 Jan 2017

MatrikonOPC announces its new OPC training schedule
MatrikonOPC has announced the release of its new Practical OPC Workshops for OPC Classic and Cyber Security for OPC.
22 Apr 2016

Matrikon releases enhanced OPC Server for Wonderware Historian
Matrikon has announced the release of its Matrikon OPC Server for Wonderware Historian.
27 Aug 2015

UA Integration made easy with Matrikon OPC UA Proxy
Matrikon announced the major release of its popular OPC UA Proxy application. The OPC UA Proxy enables software applications based on classic OPC client connectivity to seamlessly communicate with next generation OPC UA-based devices and applications.
25 Jun 2015

Matrikon releases industrial UA Modbus Gateway
Matrikon announced the release of the Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway, housed in a small form factor gateway that provides secure, powerful and broad connectivity to access data from RTU's, PLCs or any other devices that use the Mobus data protocol.
23 Oct 2014

Matrikon Releases Industrial Data Logger
MatrikonOPC announced the release of the Matrikon Industrial Data Logger, an intelligent automation data gateway that provides third-party connectivity, on-board data collection and intelligent data forwarding in a single box.
01 May 2014

MatrikonOPC releases OPC Server for WITS
Edmonton, AB, MatrikonOPC announced the release of its OPC Server for Well site Information Transfer Specification (WITS) which provides open data connectivity to well site data systems using WITS-compliant devices.
08 Aug 2013


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