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RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the international energy industry, covering geoscience, engineering and HS&E, with offices around the world.

Matt Luheshi - Senior Analyst

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Mike Blakemore - Principal

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John Dobson - Consultant

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Maggie Thompson - Project Manager

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Rod Thonger - Special Projects Director

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Have sponsored the following events

Delivering well integrity
How best to manage well integrity - data, analysis, decision making?
22 May 2013

Finding big oil fields offshore East Africa
..if there are any to be found!
09 Apr 2013

The next generation of exploration technologies
back to the future, returning to the onshore!
07 Mar 2013

North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean - are there any big fields still hiding?
Will there be an 'exploration Spring?' to follow the political one?
12 Feb 2013

Finding Opportunities in Southern Africa
Reviewing the potential oil and gas industry in Southern Africa
09 Jan 2013

The North Atlantic - where are the big fields hiding?
Understanding the North Atlantic opportunity
30 Oct 2012

Improving offshore safety - beyond Macondo
Is EU regulation for the North Sea good news?
22 May 2012

East African Exploration - where are the big fields hiding?
Finding big fields in East Africa
17 Apr 2012

New ideas in geophysical technology
Permanent Reservoir Monitoring - it's time has come!
21 Mar 2012

Developments with the digital oilfield
Learn about the latest exciting technology which can make the digital oilfield work
01 Dec 2011

Beyond Macondo

17 May 2011


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