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As a worldwide leader in the seismic acquisition industry for over 50 years, Sercel continues to design, manufacture and support a full range of high-tech integrated equipment for hydrocarbon exploration in land, transition zone, ocean-bottom cable, marine, and down-hole environments.

From its headquarters in Nantes, France, as well as its other 16 locations around the globe, Sercel is positioned to satisfy the industries' needs for seismic acquisition equipment. Whatever the field conditions, whether at sea, in open country, in the mountains, in the jungle or in the desert, Sercel engineers and technicians apply the skills they have acquired through long-standing R&D work and experience in the field to constantly push back the limits of seismic acquisition.

With a strong reputation for quality among seismic contractors and oil and gas companies, Sercel's 2000 employees pride themselves in delivering highly productive equipment that operates reliably and efficiently in even the most adverse conditions.

Sercel Statements of Excellence:

Upholding the Standard of Excellence: A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes, and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees.

Leadership of the Seismic Industry: Our customer satisfaction, dynamic development of new technology and strategic growth have all played a part in making Sercel the leader it is in the seismic equipment market.

Commitment to Research & Development: Taking pride in the quality and reliability of the products it produces, Sercel re-invests a large percentage of its yearly revenue back into R & D.

Dedication to Health and Safety: Sercel's uncompromising approach to health and safety ensures the well-being of our employees, those operating our equipment and the environments in which they work.

Denis Mougenot - Chief Geophysicist
Denis Mougenot has been Sercel’s Chief Geophysicist since 2002, when he moved from Saudi Arabia to France. He is responsible for promoting new acquisition systems for high-productivity Vibroseis and high-density 3D surveys. Denis has a special interest in low-frequency recording and 3C MEMS accelerometers.

Prior to joining Sercel, he was Area Geophysicist for ARGAS, working for the Geophy
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Sercel Latest News

Sercel delivers first WiNG nodal acquisition system, to TPIC in Turkey
Sercel announced that it has completed its first delivery of WiNG, its next-generation wireless land nodal acquisition system.
08 Sep 2020

Sercel equipment supports Sinopec seismic survey in Saudi Arabia
Sercel announced the successful large-scale deployment of its industry-leading seismic data acquisition technology on a mega-crew survey currently being conducted by Sinopec Geophysical Co. (SGC).
11 Jun 2020

UK Regulator authorized deployment of Sercel's QuietSea
Sercel is pleased to announce that successful deployment of its QuietSeaTM Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) system has been extended to the UK, following approval by the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) of its use for a seismic survey operated by CGG in waters off the Shetland Islands.
11 Jun 2019

Sercel brings its technical expertise to Structural Health and Earth Monitoring
Sercel announced the creation of two new brands, Sercel Structural Monitoring and Sercel Earth Monitoring, to bring the benefits of its advanced sensor technology to the high-potential Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Earth Monitoring markets.
16 May 2019

Sercel extends boundaries of well exploration with SigmaWave
Sercel announced the launch of its first distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) seismic solution: SigmaWave.
02 Apr 2019

Sercel sells a 100,000 channel 508XT land seismic acquisition system to BGP
Sercel has been awarded a contract by BGP to supply land seismic equipment for a large onshore 3D seismic survey in the Middle East.
15 Jan 2019

Sercel sells a 508XT land acquisition system to Wellfield Services
Sercel announced that it has sold a 2,000-channel 508XT land seismic acquisition system to Wellfield Services.
03 Oct 2017

Sercel Sentinel MS operating successfully in Ireland
Sercel announced that its multi-sensor solid streamer, the Sentinel MS, has been commercially deployed for the first time and is being successfully operated on a large 3D CGG multi-client survey being conducted by the CGG Geo Coral in the Southern Porcupine Basin in Ireland.
30 Jun 2017

Sercel announces further milestones in deployment of quietsea
Sercel is pleased to announce that its revolutionary QuietSea Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) system, which is seamlessly integrated into seismic streamers to detect the presence of marine mammals during seismic operations, has passed two major milestones.
07 Apr 2017

Sercel delivers two 508XT land acquisition systems to Bashneftegeofizika
CGG announced that Sercel has delivered two of its new-generation 508XT land seismic acquisition systems, representing a total of 12,000 channels, to Bashneftegeofizika, one of the largest oil service companies in the Russian Federation.
10 Jun 2016

Sercel launches GeoTag underwater positioning solution
CGG announced that Sercel has launched GeoTag, the acoustic positioning solution of choice for seabed seismic acquisition. GeoTag can be used to accurately position all types of Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC), Ocean Bottom Node and Transition Zone cable systems for seabed seismic surveys in water depths down to 500 meters.
22 Oct 2015

Source and receiver to improve resolution – Sercel
Seismic equipment manufacturer Sercel has technology developments with its land seismic source and recording equipment, which can help build up a higher resolution images of the subsurface.
01 Oct 2015

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