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How to digitalise exploration day 2

What digital initiatives will help exploration to be more effective and efficient?
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Ross Philo
» president and CEO
» Energistics
Philip Lesslar
» Data solutions consultant

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Kuala Lumpur
ADAX, Bangsar South

There is much enthusiasm around the idea of digitalising exploration, but many different ideas about what it means in practise. Perhaps there are two extremes. At one end we have master data management, with a need for high quality core data. At the other end we have unsupervised machine learning, setting algorithms loose on data to see what they come up with.

Machine learning needs good master data management before you can start – and the machine learning should never be entirely unsupervised. Machine learning results which look like nonsense, or which defy human understanding, should probably be treated as such.

Digitalisation also includes integrating and analysing data. This generally requires an understanding of what the data is actually about. Machine learning can help, but only if you understand the processes it is following.

At our 8th Kuala Lumpur forum in October, over October 2-3, we’ll gather together ideas and perspectives about what machine learning in exploration means, how to use it to deliver value for an oil and gas company, and what business opportunities there may be, for individuals, consultancies and software companies.

If you may be interested in speaking please contact Karl Jeffery, editor of Digital Energy Journal, on

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9:15 Karl Jeffery - Editor
Digital Energy Journal
Chairman's introduction

Karl Jeffery is editor of Digital Energy Journal and managing director of Future Energy Publishing, which also publishes Tanker Operator magazine and Carbon Capture Journal. He was previously co-founder and editor of Digital Ship Ltd, a publishing company focussing on IT in the shipping sector. He has a BEng in chemical engineering from Nottingham University

Digital Energy Journal
Founded in 2006, Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, covering developments in exploration, drilling and production, covering IT infrastructure, software, automation and people. We produce 6 issues per year, distributed by print and pdf, and an e-mail newsletter every Friday
10:00 Ross Philo - president and CEO
Using RESQML to help digitalise exploration (title

Energistics is the leading upstream oil and gas industry's data standards body. We are a global, non-profit consortium established over 25 years ago to bring together industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative environment to develop and deploy open data exchange standards and to address oil and gas information sharing challenges. Our members consist of integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, hardware and software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community.
For more information, visit our website at
10:30 Philip Lesslar - Data solutions consultant

Philip Lesslar is formerly principal consultant, technical assurance, technical data with PETRONAS E&P

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