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Transforming offshore operations - improving the digital approach

Improving logistics, asset integrity management and productivity with software
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Yngve Nilsen
» VP Sales & Business Development
» ShareCat
Professor John McCall
» Director, Smart Data Technologies Centre
» Robert Gordon University- RGU

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Aberdeen Treetops

Our "Transforming Offshore Operations" forum in Aberdeen on June 20th looks at how the industry is developing a new digital approach to improving logistics, asset integrity management and offshore productivity - and how to get the underlying data and digital infrastructure right.

Companies are developing software tools and services which can help work out better ways to share logistics capacity, manage complex asset integrity data, and improve equipment uptime.

Often - perhaps usually - the biggest challenge is not the software itself - is it working out how to build and structure new digital tools and get them implemented.

Purchasing a software package is not the only way to implement digital technology - but the industry has shown both an inclination towards buying software packages, and a frustration with the idea of buying software packages, if companies end up with a bundle of different software packages which don't integrate well. Perhaps a better approach would be organised around digital platforms and digital tools. But how can this be implemented?

- Better logistics systems, which share or make better use of vessel space, and ensure critical parts are always available offshore, even with rapidly changing work schedules
- Better ways to gather, prioritise and work with risk data
- Proactive maintenance planning
- Is there are a role for an expected new wave of satellite communications, using flat panel hardware
- Better ways to structure and manage underlying data
- Getting a better undersatnding of the construction and structure of the platform with digital tools
- Better tools to manage inspection data
- Software which is light and customisable, rather than monolithic and rigid
- Underlying data platforms and standards
- Asset integrity management tools

We define "Doing Software Right" as deploying and building software so that it achieves the most possible for the ultimate customer, the person who has to do their work using the software, and their employer.

This event follows:

Our March 2017 Aberdeen event "Improving production rates through new approaches to digital technology" - see the web page - see the delegates list

Our Dec 2014 Aberdeen event "Doing More With Offshore Engineering Data" - see the agenda see the delegates list


8:30 Welcome coffee
9:15 Speaker from - (not confirmed)
Oil company / drilling company / technology user

9:45 Dr Neil Arthur - Head of Real Time Adaptive Maintenance Organisation
Lloyd's Register
Driving business value through maintenance optimisation and data analytics

Lloyd's Register provides independent assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors. We work to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment by helping our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure.

We provide design appraisal, inspection and consultancy services to asset owners, manufacturers, operators and engineering procurement contractors, particularly those responsible for assets which could pose a risk to people or the environment.

Our combination of asset knowledge, technical expertise and ability to generate value quickly, helps clients' asset management and safety assurance across the energy supply chain - from oil fields and pipelines to refineries, power stations and manufacturing - as they tackle some of the largest and most complex challenges in the commercial world.
10:15 Yngve Nilsen - VP Sales & Business Development
Digitalisation starts with your basic data

Sharecat is a Content Management solutions and services provider, with focus on the Oil & Gas industry. The company was established in Bergen, Norway in 1993 and employs more than 130 highly skilled people. Our offices are based in Norway, UK, USA and Australia with a low cost service center in Malaysia. The company's main owner is a large Norwegian private equity fund, ensuring financial capacity to grow and invest in new products and markets.
SHAREcat has been used by more than 30 major oil & gas operators. It has been deployed in close to 40 capital greenfield projects as well as for plant improvement/cataloguing programs covering more than 100 installations. Sharecat has a number of Global Agreements with Major Owner Operators and a Major Global EPC Organization. The company has ongoing projects in Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Oman, Iraq, Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the North Sea. A global strategic alliance is established and in operation with WorleyParsons.

Sharecat's experience

Inadequate supply chain information and procedures are costing the process industries billions of dollars a year in plant startup delays, needless capital expenditure on inventory, procurement and maintenance inefficiencies, and significant revenue losses from unnecessary facility shutdowns.
Sharecat has for 20 years been focused on addressing this challenge, and has developed a set of Solutions that drives inefficiencies out of the industry's supply chain to provide early visibility of quality, fully validated content to all parties in the plant life cycle. Uniquely, SHAREcat improves information on existing facilities to give a true picture of the physical plant configuration, linked through the bill of materials to inventory spares. SHAREcat accelerates facility startup, minimises capital expenditure on inventory, and delivers major improvements in procurement, operations and maintenance.

The SHAREcat Solutions

SHAREcat is an internet based 'Software as a Service' solution, enabling access from any computer via a web browser. No hardware of software installation is required. The Solution comes with a set of configurable interfaces to external IT systems.

Product Catalogue

Sharecat is a global product catalogue that is updated on a continuous basis with manufacturers, product numbering, data templates and documentation. It contains product information captured over an 18 year period including products no longer in production, but still installed at thousands of assets. Companies can choose to be part of this shared catalogue by providing and getting information, but still being able to manage their special requirements. Alternatively private catalogues can be established for companies. These collect information from the global catalogue but do not share information they themselves bring in to this private catalogue. Regions/countries may have (or want to have) unified and special requirements for their local industry with the purpose to improve quality and efficiency. All product information in the catalogue are standardized (ISO15926 compliant) and validated.

SHAREcat Capture and Collaboration

Sharecat provides a solution to manage capture, approval and delivery of all technical information from the supply chain. The solution is an intelligent, rule-based workflow and validation software suite. Detailed management reporting gives visibility and control. Sharecat allows for dynamic hand over to operations when needed and the solution is seamless Integration with the Product Catalogue.


Many operators experience that a lack of information challenge the ability to run their asset efficiently. Most operators also experience how tough it can be, to fill the information gaps. Sharecat Solutions offers a program that deals with this problem. It captures all available information from various systems (including paper based archives) and makes it available in a structured way. This also prepares the ground for the powerful auto recognition features in the system, to bring validated information from the catalogue to fill missing gaps.
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Professor John McCall - Director, Smart Data Technologies Centre
Robert Gordon University- RGU
how to manage with 40-50% fewer vessels

11:45 Speaker from - (not confirmed)
Industry company

12:15 Panel discussion with all morning speakers
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Speaker from - (not confirmed)
Industry company

14:00 Speaker from -
Technology company (not confirmed)

14:30 Speaker from -
Technology company (not confirmed)

15:00 Multiple -
Panel Discussion

Used for panel discussions

Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
15:30 Close
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