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Some people say we are at the perfect time in the industry's cycle for upgrading
digital technology. When times were good, nobody had time for digitech, or they just wanted to install whatever vendors were selling, so oil company engineers were left with complex bundles of software packages which didn't integrate properly or sometimes do what they wanted. And when the industry crashed, everybody was too focussed on survival to have time for digitech. Now the digitech conversations are starting again.

The exploration sector is looking at machine learning to recognise images and seismic attributes, and better ways to integrate data together. The drilling sector is using enterprise software to reduce non-productive time and develop new ways to interact with the market. The production engineering sector is looking at new tools to better
understand production and the factors which affect it. The facilities management sector
is using new digitech to monitor older assets, make better decisions about the right
maintenance intervals, and spot problems sooner. These are just some of the examples.

And senior managers are starting to talk about "business transformation through
digitalisation" - a phrase which does not mean very much (a bit similar to 'business
transformation through industrialisation in 1870) - but it does indicate that senior
managers get the relevance of digital technology and want to see it implemented.

If you sell products and services related to "digital" in the oil and gas industry, including
software, communications, fibre optics and new survey techniques - we offer you what
we believe is an unrivalled pathway to meet your market.

Our magazine has been published continuously since 2006, and has a strong following
among digital technology enthusiasts working in all sectors of the upstream industry,
who look forward to our magazine, newsletter and reports to keep them updated.

Our magazine is published 6 times a year, and distributed both on print and pdf - with
paying subscribers receiving it 2 months before it is made available free of charge to the
worldwide industry. It can carry A4 size advertising. The e-mail newsletter is issued on
approximately bi-weekly basis and can carry banner adverts.

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