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Nov Dec 18   Nov 2018

REPORT FROM SPE ENGenious event in Aberdeen September 18:
  • The oil industry needs people “comfortable being uncomfortable” - BP’s head of upstream technology
  • Perspectives from the TLB’s co-chair Bill Dunnett
  • Saudi Aramco and Cognizant - ENGenious opening session
  • How BP and Aramco Ventures invest in technology
  • How oil and gas compares to mining in its digital transformation
  • Case studies with oil data analytics from Shell and Total
  • ENGenious – data analytics session
  • Saudi Aramco’s Saeed Mubarak – reality different to PowerPoint
  • Digital “needs to be led by people who understand it” – Accenture’s Andrew Smart
  • Bringing analytics to the control room

  • PPDM – Improving Trust in Data
  • Silixa – what you can do with more sensitive well fibre optics

  • ABB – how to do cybersecurity on industrial systems
  • LA12 – finding new applications for virtual reality
  • The best way to mitigate cyber threats
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Sept-Oct 18   Sep 2018

What it means if the future of energy is both "electric and digital"

  • What happens when senior managers take an interest in digital technology – EAGE panel discussion with senior representatives of BP, Schlumberger, Total, Woodside, Repsol
  • “What we think we know” main barrier to North Sea exploration – Spectrum's Neil Hodgson
  • How to use machine learning in exploration
  • PIDX – how e-commerce standards should evolve
  • AVEVA - managing contracts, combining metal + process, and brownfield
  • EPIM - a standard supplier registration system for NCS
  • Capturing rig inspection data
  • Lloyd’s Register’s Safety Accelerator seeks new digitech
  • ExxonMobil – using innovation to improve human performance
  • Doing more with data for offshore structures
  • Lone Star – predictive analytics on ESPs
  • EU / UK’s network security regulations – and oil and gas
  • Palo Alto Networks – cybersecurity getting tougher for offshore
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June July 2018   Jun 2018

- DEA’s CEO on the energy transition
- Digitalisation “comes down to measuring and managing” - Duncan Irving from Teradata

- How geophysical contractors could do more - David Bamford
- Land seismic – from brute force to precision
- IOGP – encouraging standard seismic formats

- Automating chemical injection management in onshore operations
- Downhole wireless technology for production
- Beyond Limits – applying NASA AI technology to oil and gas

- Statoil (Equinor) leading the way on digi-tech
- DNV GL and digital technology
- New digital technology from Oslo
- ABB – a shift to software and ‘advanced’ solutions
- Defining digital transformation in Oslo
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April 2018   Apr 2018

How would Google run an oil and gas company?

  • Fractured basement - Hurricane’s experiences in the Lancaster field - working with data
  • Kimmeridge - how Permian basin development  has evolved

  • Maana launches “Maana Q” to make it easier to build graphs
  • Dashboard Ltd - Using sensor data to support decision making
  • Emerson - When automation isn’t mechanical
  • Honeywell – supporting decision making in  operations with better data
  • AspenTech – optimising plant with simulation and data patterns
  • Nexen VP - improving the “mindset” of the North Sea
  • Viper Innovations – fixing subsea cable water ingress
  • The SubseaExpo Technology Showcase
  • The seabed in 3D - Rovco, Whitecap Scientific, Shell
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Feb-March 2018   Feb 2018

  • Kosmos Energy – using knowledge for exploration success
  • Dassault Systèmes – doing more with reservoir data
  • Using virtual reality in geology
  • Improving well head data at Brunei Shell
  • Brunei Shell – Spotfire for well performance review
  • Measuring quality of national oil and gas data
  • Turning old pipeline data into an engineering mmodel
  • How the Malaysian government encourages digitech
  • Petrotechnics survey of process safety and risk management
  • INTOP – mapping documents against standard models
  • Using graph databases in operations
  • How ‘digital assets’ can help develop mature fields
  • The case for reflective learning
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