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Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for data management in the upstream oil and gas industry - covering exploration, drilling, production and supply chain management.

Jan 2017 issue   Jan 2017

  • Terrabotics – doing more with satellite data
  • Teradata – how to get more insights from data
  • David Bamford – where analytics can help in upstream
  • TGS’s “Gigante&q Subscribers only

Solving E&P problems with machine learning and analytics   Jan 2017

  • Doing more with satellite data
  • Value from unstructured documents
  • A better document search system
  • How to be successful with analytics
  • Using simulation to make better license bi Subscribers only

Nov-Dec 2016   Nov 2016

  • Can 'Intelligent Energy' take us out of the downturn?
  • Report from SPE Intelligent Energy conference in Aberdeen
  • Murphy Oil's experience with SAP
  • Connecting geologists with big da Subscribers only

Aug-Sept 2016   Aug 2016

  • Modelling software around the needs of industry experts
  • Where the digital oilfield succeeded
  • What young professionals think - discussions in London and Aberdeen
  • Can we improve corporate sear Subscribers only

Event report - Transforming Subsurface Insights (event in London on Apr 18 2016)   Jun 2016

Data science meets traditional science
Getting seismic off tape
How meterologists do it
Mapping how people work
Using analytics to save on proppant
Developing your own software modules View Magazine

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Chairman's introduction - what a new digital approach might mean for production
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