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Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for data management in the upstream oil and gas industry - covering exploration, drilling, production and supply chain management.

April 2018   Apr 2018

How would Google run an oil and gas company?

  • Fractured basement - Hurricane’s experiences in the Lancaster field - working with data
  • Kimmeridge - how Permian basin development  has evolved

  • Maana launches “Maana Q” to make it easier to build graphs
  • Dashboard Ltd - Using sensor data to support decision making
  • Emerson - When automation isn’t mechanical
  • Honeywell – supporting decision making in  operations with better data
  • AspenTech – optimising plant with simulation and data patterns
  • Nexen VP - improving the “mindset” of the North Sea
  • Viper Innovations – fixing subsea cable water ingress
  • The SubseaExpo Technology Showcase
  • The seabed in 3D - Rovco, Whitecap Scientific, Shell
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Feb-March 2018   Feb 2018

  • Kosmos Energy – using knowledge for exploration success
  • Dassault Systèmes – doing more with reservoir data
  • Using virtual reality in geology
  • Improving well head data at Brunei Shell
  • Brunei Shell – Spotfire for well performance review
  • Measuring quality of national oil and gas data
  • Turning old pipeline data into an engineering mmodel
  • How the Malaysian government encourages digitech
  • Petrotechnics survey of process safety and risk management
  • INTOP – mapping documents against standard models
  • Using graph databases in operations
  • How ‘digital assets’ can help develop mature fields
  • The case for reflective learning
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January 2018   Jan 2018

How to get continuous improvement working with technology

  • Data managers need to use judgement
  • Using graph databases in E&P
  • Subsurface data analytics is changing
  • Paradigm k – a new cloud-based system for production engineers
  • Exa and BP – get relative permeability from a digital rock sample
  • OCTIO – measuring gravity, subsidence and seismic on the seabed
  • Analysing fracs using a pressure gauge and bridge plug

  • Understanding digital and security competency
  • CISCO – making your “internet of things” easier to manage
  • Tracts - using software for title management
  • How Lloyd’s Register helps oil and gas
  • DNV GL launches cyber security recommended practice
  • Viewport3 Ltd – from subsea images to 3d models
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Oct-Dec 2017   Nov 2017

  • BP's Bob Dudley at Offshore Europe
  • Shell’s Ben van Beurden at Offshore Europe
  • Offshore Europe panel - Peak oil, climate change, threats and standardisation

  • Target - a cloud data repository for Oman
  • PPDM – professionalising data management
  • 1st Subsurface – developing subsurface databases

  • Making digitech work - Offshore Europe panel
  • Disrupting and digitising our industry - Offshore Europe panel
  • AkerBP – a new business model for oil and gas
  • New business model ideas - McKinsey, Baker Hughes, Siccar Point Energy
  • News from Aberdeen’s Oil and Gas Technology Centre
  • Peterson’s “VOR” – the Google Alexa of logistics
  • ABB – providing production data through cloud analytics
  • Intrinsically safe tablets
  • Akselos – building 3D models of asset structure
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Aug-Sept 2017   Aug 2017

  • Is 'business transformation through digitalisation' a useful term?
  • Where blockchain might help with oil and gas purchasing
  • The biggest oil and gas cybersecurity challenges
  • Report from the Stavanger National Data Repository forum
  • AI in science- think of it like a "co-worker"
  • OCTIO - Seabed 4D gravity and subsidence monitoring
  • Silixa - acoustic sensing with much less noise
  • Pinkerfind - find information on your computer like articles on eBay
  • IFS and Songa Offshore - upgrading IT systems to "sell by the well"
  • Using data quality and dictionary standards in purchasing
  • M-Flow - introducing carbon fibre flowmeters to oil and gas
  • Tendeka - multiple applications from a single wireless completion tool
  • Dassault Systèmes - using digital 3D worlds to support decom
  • Transforming offshore operations - with better use of data
Lloyd's Register - optimising maintenance intervals
Texo Drone Survey and Inspection - gathering LIDAR data by drone
OPEX - Predicting failure to reduce unplanned shutdowns of offshore equipment
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