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Jul-Aug 2019   Aug 2019

The machine learning issue:
- Why machine learning's impact may not be what we think
- How do we use machine learning on oil and gas subsurface and production data? - interview with Duane Dopkin, Executive Vice President of Geosciences at Emerson E&P Software
- ML in facies classification and seismic inversion - CGG GeoSoftware’s Daria Lazareva and Brian Russell explained how to do it
- ML on equipment – spotting failure signatures - We talked to Mike Brooks, Asset Performance Management (APM) consultant at AspenTech
- What you can do with satellite imagery - report from the Maxar annual “ENGAGE” conference in Barcelona
- DUG – HF elastic FWI on the cloud – on 250 petaflops - interview with Matt Lamont, managing director, DUG
- Biodentify – doing DNA analysis of microbes from soil and seabed samples to help find hydrocarbons
- Launch of “Open Subsurface Data Universe” forum
- Silixa’s in-well fibre optic sensing – Silixa reports that its improved fibre optic sensing technology for wells is proving useful in subsea wells and CO2 storage wells
EAGE London report
- “What Will the Oil & Gas Industry Look Like in 2030 and Beyond” according to senior representatives from IEA, BP and Equinor
- BP’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions range from reducing methane intensity in operations to investing in battery technology, said Angela Strank, Head of Technology and Chief Geoscientist Downstream with BP
- Investor groups are putting increasing pressure on oil company boards to do more about climate, said Jon Erik Reinhardsen, chairman of Equinor (formerly Statoil) – and we can expect behaviour to change as a result
- New technologies - with senior speakers from BP, ExxonMobil, PGS, Total and IBM - how the shale revolution happened, better ways to digitise information in people’s heads, and what success looks like today, among other topics
- The changing role of geoscientists and engineers - discussion with two recent graduates working at BP and Halliburton, the CEO of CGG, a lecturer from Imperial College and an executive search consultant
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June 2019   Jun 2019


Examples of good data integration
Making better use of gravity and magnetotellurics
Assessing Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR)
Geoprovider – finding more from mud gas analysis
Moving subsurface models around using data standards
Self organising maps on subsurface data


Developing a sensor strategy - Our digital strategies are based on data gathered from the humble sensor, yet often very little thought is put into them

How do we get distributed temperature sensing data out of our wells?

Value from predictive maintenance - Predictive maintenance systems can provide better value where they can predict specific failure modes occurring, rather than where they need to predict a slow degradation of a component.

Perhaps PCs are better for hazops

Using abstraction to improve software projects - Most things in real life happen at multiple abstraction levels, but digital technology still mainly operates at a single, very low level of abstraction. How would oil and gas digital projects improve with better use of abstraction? Subscribers only

Feb-Apr 2019   Mar 2019

DNV GL - oil companies increasing digital spending

Can we make software more expert-centric?
- AI to support subsurface experts – David Bamford
- Mental modelling and expert-centric software
- Can we make search systems more interesting?
- Eigen – helping experts work with safety data
- NOV - optimized maintenance decisions – software led
- How virtual reality can support expert work

How to revitalise the UKCS
- A joint forum in Aberdeen sponsored by the UK’s Oil and Gas Authority, Subsea
UK, the Oil and Gas Technology Centre and the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) looked at ways to revitalise the UK’s Continental Shelf.

AVORD – reducing security testing costs 40 %

How Gabon runs a license round

Energistics standards are developing and integrating
DataRobot – making data analytics much more accessible
Making hands-free maintenance easier
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Jan 19   Jan 2019

Time to be optimistic in oil and gas? PETEX discussion
Energistics demo – moving subsurface data between clouds
CGG / WoodMac’s EV2 – evaluate basins around the world

Time to be optimistic in oil and gas? PETEX discussion
Energistics demo – moving subsurface data between clouds
CGG / WoodMac’s EV2 – evaluate basins around the world

Are we doing cybersecurity wrong?
LR – investment for offshore safety technology
WFS – a wireless computer network on the seabed
Using digital technology to help with asset commissioning
Bentley Systems – taking structural modelling further

Teradata – getting data out of the applications
Alvin Alexander - How data managers can do scripting
“Simple objectives best” with ML - Manoj Goel

Bain – organisational and capability aspect the hard part
Hampton - Using automated data clean-up techniques
Teradata - why oil and gas struggles at digitalisation
Tessella – Putting the ‘data’ in data analytics
Flare Solutions - Doing more with a data lake
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Nov Dec 18   Nov 2018

REPORT FROM SPE ENGenious event in Aberdeen September 18:
  • The oil industry needs people “comfortable being uncomfortable” - BP’s head of upstream technology
  • Perspectives from the TLB’s co-chair Bill Dunnett
  • Saudi Aramco and Cognizant - ENGenious opening session
  • How BP and Aramco Ventures invest in technology
  • How oil and gas compares to mining in its digital transformation
  • Case studies with oil data analytics from Shell and Total
  • ENGenious – data analytics session
  • Saudi Aramco’s Saeed Mubarak – reality different to PowerPoint
  • Digital “needs to be led by people who understand it” – Accenture’s Andrew Smart
  • Bringing analytics to the control room

  • PPDM – Improving Trust in Data
  • Silixa – what you can do with more sensitive well fibre optics

  • ABB – how to do cybersecurity on industrial systems
  • LA12 – finding new applications for virtual reality
  • The best way to mitigate cyber threats
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