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Asian Oilfield Services and Wireless Seismic announce seismic acquisition

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Asian Oilfield Services Limited (ASIAN) and Wireless Seismic, Inc. announced that over the past six months, ASIAN has continuously operated a large-scale seismic crew that has deployed over 13,000 channels of Wireless Seismic's radio-based RT System 2 seismic data acquisition system on the Taza project in Kurdistan. This ongoing operation has been accomplished against the backdrop of serious security challenges with significant military hostilities in and around cities such as Kirkuk, some fifty kilometers from the Taza area.

Oil Search, operator of the Taza Block in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, contracted ASIAN to conduct a 576 sq km 3D seismic survey using Wireless Seismic's RT System 2 real-time and cable-free seismic data acquisition system. Data have now been acquired into a recording spread of over 11,000 active channels with real-time data transmission from a live patch of 6,400 channels. ASIAN, owner of the largest RT System 2 deployed to date, continues to raise the standard for real-time, cable-free seismic acquisition from the record they previously set last year.

'We find RT System 2 to be highly adaptable and capable of acquiring data seamlessly through the complicated populated areas and over the rough mountain terrain that characterizes the block,' said Rahul Talwar, CEO of ASIAN. 'The system has been rock solid and has been readily available for production every morning, as soon as the crew completes its daily start-up tests on the vibrators and other equipment.'

'The real-time QC and wireless data collection capabilities of RT System 2 have enabled us to effectively monitor noise affecting the spread,' continued Talwar. 'Noise sources include distant military activity in Iraq. These significant noise bursts cannot be heard by crew personnel, but create havoc with the seismic data. RT System 2 allows us to identify these noise bursts in real-time and pause acquisition until the military activity subsides."

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