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ENGenious Online 2020 - learning from other industries and faster change

Monday, August 31, 2020

In this guest article, Sian Lloyd Rees, head of UK & SVP Europe & Africa at Aker Solutions, and conference chair for the upcoming ENGenious Online 2020 event, explains how she sees the most important digital topics as learning from other industries and achieving faster change.

ENGenious Online 2020 (22-24 September 2020), the sister event to SPE Offshore Europe, will focus on solutions in the energy industry, what other industries are doing, which is relevant, and equally important, how other sectors have implemented the changes needed in their business.

There will be two sessions:

Fit for the future - learning from each other

Fast track to the future - learning from other industries

Tom Siebel, CEO of, Silicon Valley businessman, and author of Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction, will give the keynote address.

There is also value in being open to how other industries are operating which, whilst at first sight may not bear any immediate relevance to our industry, may enable us to progress more quickly.

Learning from other industries

Recent reports show clearly that other industries - automotive, aerospace, defence and telecoms - are further ahead on their digital journeys.

Understanding their drivers, lessons learned, and outcomes should also enable the benefits and pitfalls of newer technology solutions to be understood and adopted more swiftly in our industry.

AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics are widely used in manufacturing for cost effective, remote process optimisation.

Both the banking and pharmaceutical industries have data sharing platforms for aspects of confidential and sometimes proprietary information.

In the defence industry, combat pilots are being retrained to fly drones.

This has parallels for not only remote visual inspections but also affords an opportunity to learn from the challenges experienced regarding re-skilling.

By learning from others and broader use of established technologies we can accelerate our own digital journey to not only improve efficiency and reduce cost, but also support the drive to reduce emissions and deliver a sustainable energy transition.

Achieving faster change - experimentation within a well understood business need

Experimentation with newer digital technologies as part of agile work processes has a role to play in re-imagining our industry.

But the quicker gains tend to be when experimentation is embedded in a well understood business need, with the agile process driven in the context of this need.

New and comprehensive digital platforms have been developed by domain experts to reduce months of design and engineering work to weeks, digital twins developed at design phase leading into optimized asset performance during life of field as engineering, manufacturing and test data are brought together with live-streamed operational data.

A recent field development in the North Sea was designed from concept to enable automated drilling, digital twin, field worker tools and digitised logistics to support operational and maintenance planning.

Transitioning to a lower carbon future makes the industry an exciting proposition for the next generation.

However, multiple industries are competing to attract the necessary digital skills, so the energy industry must continually evolve to remain an attractive option for current and future employees.

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