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Emerson donates reservoir characterization software

Friday, April 28, 2017

Emerson Automation Solutions has donated licenses of its industry leading reservoir characterization and engineering software, Roxar RMS and Roxar Tempest, to two prominent Indian universities - the Graphic Era University (GEU) in Dehradun and the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) in Pune.

In return, the two universities will produce a number of technical and academic papers on the technologies.

The donations, which have a commercial value of millions of US dollars, are part of Emerson's longstanding commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. The software will help support the next generation of geoscientists throughout India and will be rolled-out to petroleum and reservoir engineer students at both universities. The announcement follows-on from Emerson's recent donation of reservoir management software to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) in Malaysia.

'It's enormously important to us and the industry that the vital disciplines of geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering are well embedded with future generations and that they have the latest tools at their disposal,' said Eirik Gudmundsen, Regional Director Asia Pacific at Emerson Automation Solutions.

He continues: Our Emerson Innovation Centre in Pune, where many of our petroleum engineers, geologists and geophysicists are based, has already recruited a number of outstanding students from these and other Indian universities. This partnership can only help raise performance and innovation throughout the reservoir characterization process. The result will be increased production and a more sustainable and long-term future.'

The software donation will enable petroleum engineer students at GEU and MIT to access the latest software modules relating to seismic interpretation, well log interpretation and correlation, mapping and geomodeling, and gridding, as well as the full range of reservoir engineering and simulation tools within Roxar RMS and Tempest. In addition, Emerson will provide introductory training on the software and is also in the process of putting in place a program where students from each university will take on internships within Emerson.

Professor A. K. Awasthi, Advisor at GEU continued: 'We want to give our students the very latest reservoir characterization tools to ensure that they can hit the ground running in the commercial marketplace. It is through partnerships, such as with Emerson, that we are achieving this.'

'It's vital to us that our petroleum engineering department replicates as closely as possible the commercial world and current industry standards,' said Dr. Pradeep B. Jadhav, Professor and Head of Department for Petroleum Engineering at MIT. 'We are very grateful to Emerson for enabling this to happen.'

Graphic Era University (GEU) was established in 1993 and offers up to 40 undergraduate and postgraduate courses with petroleum engineering a key discipline. The Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) was established in 1983 and is today amongst the top engineering colleges in India.

Emerson's Roxar RMS reservoir characterization and modeling software is an industry leading geosciences platform that enables operators to integrate their data in one place and capture uncertainties across their workflows.

Roxar Tempest, which operates alongside Roxar RMS, is an integrated software suite that provides a single, consistent interface and is used in hundreds of installations worldwide. Modules include Tempest MORE, its reservoir simulation module; Tempest ENABLE, the uncertainty management and history matching module; Tempest VIEW, a pre- and post- processing interface; Tempest PVTx, a fluid analysis tool; and Tempest VENTURE, an economic evaluation tool that provides cash flow analysis derived from simulation results. For more information, visit

Both RMS and Tempest facilitate the implementation of the Big Loop solution that provides the most comprehensive uncertainty assessment and the best-quantified risk management throughout the value chain.

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