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Internationally recognised behavioural psychologist joins OPEX Group

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

An Aberdeen-based provider of predictive analysis services has appointed a leading behavioural psychologist and people analytics expert to support the development of a new safety-focused service for the oil and gas industry.

OPEX Group welcome Eugene Burke as Principal Advisor for Behavioural Psychology to support the delivery of their X-PAS Smart Behaviours service. This new service has been developed to support oil and gas operators improve the safety and predictability of offshore operations by managing the risks posed by human behaviour.

Named by LinkedIn as one of the top global influencers in the field of people analytics, Eugene's career spans roles as an applied psychologist, psychometrician, data scientist, and advisor to companies across the globe, as well as leadership roles in professional bodies including the British Psychological Society and the Association of Test Publishers.

Chris Ayres, Chief Operating Officer of OPEX Group, said: 'It's a real coup for us to have someone of Eugene's standing as part of the X-PAS Smart Behaviours team.

'We've brought together expertise in behavioural psychology, data science and oil and gas operations to offer a new approach to help oil and gas operators identify and quantify the levels of behavioural risk that exist across their offshore facilities and work teams.'

Eugene Burke said: 'I'm delighted to be working with the OPEX team on such a new and exciting proposition.

'The oil & gas industry's imaginative and passionate approach to managing safety has delivered significant improvements, but there remains one area that continues to pose a significant challenge - managing behavioural risk.

'By combining behavioural diagnostics with a deep analysis of operational and HSE data, we can reveal an organisation's unique 'behavioural DNA' and the critical factors that act to amplify the potential for incidents and disruption to offshore operations. This new level of actionable insight puts oil and gas operators on the front foot in understanding what they need to do to reduce incidents and strengthen operational predictability.'

X-PAS Smart Behaviours forms part of OPEX's range of predictive analysis services. The new service has been launched following a successful directed project in collaboration with The Oil & Gas Technology Centre and Premier Oil.

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