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Jobs if you know SAP

Friday, February 3, 2017

One sector of the oil and gas industry is currently recruiting - people who know SAP.

Many oil companies are currently trying to improve short term return on investment from their SAP systems, Josh Lee, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Petroplan told Digital Energy Journal.

Petroplan is a recruitment company focussing on oil and gas, based in London, particularly involved in IT and SAP consultants. Mr Lee focusses entirely on SAP positions.

Companies are looking to implement SAP or upgrade their existing SAP systems, whilst looking to provide new SAP technologies for mobile workers.

Many of these projects will have begun more than 18 months ago, and some organisations are leveraging this investment with the addition of modules as well as joining the growing trend of mobilising applications for use in the field.

However it is important for companies to show a return from any investment within a short time frame, so they are very keen on employees who have a track record of being able to deliver results under time pressure.

Many organisations are also exploring how they can use their current SAP systems, so interested in employees who can prove a curiosity and interest in IT beyond the modules they have experience in.

It is beneficial for employers if you have worked in oil and gas before, but it is also important to have people who are enthusiastic about problem solving and new assignments, and these abilities 'could make an out-of-industry expert a good fit,' he says.

It is a good idea to develop your professional network within the SAP community, particularly with people who know the same modules which you know well. 'Not only will you find yourself recommended but when you land a new role you'll have a ready-made support route for those difficult early weeks in post,' he said.

There are pros and cons of both working in a large consultancy vs working in house. 'In the current climate it can be tempting to take a consultancy role but be sure that travel and changing teams is the right work context for you,' he said.

To get a good salary, candidates should ideally demonstrate extensive SAP (module specific) knowledge, good domain knowledge, great communication and presentation skills, and an ability to work in flexible teams. Practitioners who remained in-house during the downturn, particularly in Houston, are in demand.

Another issue is that many SAP professionals are currently working as consultants rather than looking for full time employment.

Meanwhile good candidates get a choice of who to work for. To entice a smart SAP professional, especially one with mobile experience, 'the organisation's reputation both in the discipline and as an employer of choice become really important,' Mr Lee says.

Mr Lee suggests that working with a company like Petroplan can often help get a better match of person, since candidates 'are often more likely to be candid with a third party,' he says.

'Remuneration is important but as with all highly-skilled professionals, their perception of the nature of the work, its impact on their career growth and the stability of the team and its place in the organisation are all decision-forming factors.'

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