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Katalyst Data Management launches scanning "Paper to Digits" service

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Katalyst Data Management announced that it has launched well file and well log scanning services for the oil and gas industry.

The company now has the capacity to scan volumes of well logs and associated files that are created during the life cycle of a well into an accessible PPDM database.

This announcement follows Katalyst's recent completion of a successful well file scanning project involving the scanning and classification of physical well files associated with over 20,000 wells in the US Lower 48.

Electronic Well File for Data Analytics

Oil and gas companies moving towards big data analytics are missing a critical dataset in their analytic data pool by keeping the information locked up inside paper logs and well files. Scanning "paper to digits" is the first step in Katalyst's initiative to create a complete electronic well file to enable analysis of the data. The electronic well file contains data that is already in digital format, such as LAS, DLIS and other well logs, XLS spreadsheets and other digital data, along with the "paper to digits" data that has been scanned.

The digital and paper data are packaged into an electronic well file and stored in Katalyst's cloud-based storage solution iGlass, a PPDM 3.8 database for subsurface data. Once the well file is in iGlass, clients can view and download their well data files and metadata alongside their seismic data volumes from a single GIS map portal. The data management software includes tools that are specific to the life cycle of seismic, well and interpretation data types.

Well Data Management on the Horizon

"Well log and well file scanning is part of our electronic well file initiative, the first step for us to complete our well data management solution for iGlass users," said President and CEO Steve Darnell. "We've led the industry in seismic data management for years and are excited to pave the way for our solution to become an all-encompassing data management portal for all subsurface data types used for oil and gas exploration and data analytics."

In 2016, Katalyst launched the first phase of geological domain support with the release of ProjectDataStor for managing interpretation project archives. The tool allows geoscientists to apply context and metadata to back-ups of their technical interpretation projects and easily access them via the iGlass ESRI map interface. Soon after the launch of ProjectDataStor, Katalyst released the first phase of its well module allowing clients to manage microseismic, well logs and virtually any files associated with a well.

Through iGlass, Katalyst currently manages over 18 petabytes of subsurface data for oil and gas companies across the globe.

Demos of the new well file module along with the other domains supported by iGlass will be available at the Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference on February 19-21 in Sydney, Australia.

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