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Maana Redefines Big Data Analytics to Optimize Key Assets & Business Processes

Friday, January 8, 2016

Maana, the analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications, announced further enhancements to its software, making it the most powerful end-to-end platform for discovery and operationalization of big data insights for Fortune 500 companies.

Maana takes a fundamentally new approach to big-data analytics by using its newly patented Emergent Semantic Graph and unified index strategy to search across all data silos and data types. Maana's user-guided, machine-assisted approach makes it easy and intuitive for users to find and draw correlations between data from disparate sources in the context of the asset or business process to be optimized. The platform uses Apache® Spark, which supports advanced machine learning algorithms and distributed compute. Today's announcement introduces major enhancements, including: flexible knowledge modeling, advanced analytics, operationalization of data mining models, and a highly intuitive UI to easily navigate descriptive statistical analysis.

Using Maana, Fortune 500 companies can organize their siloed data into new knowledge for discovery and operationalization of insights. Going beyond data discovery, Maana brings big data insights as recommendations directly into line-of-business applications to enable thousands of employees to make smarter day-to-day decisions.

'By providing a more holistic view of assets and business processes, enterprises are now able to gain unparalleled insight into optimizing those assets and processes,' said Donald Thompson, founder and chief technology officer at Maana. 'Many of our customers have turned to Maana after trying multiple technologies and solutions. They selected Maana because it is the only software platform that rapidly solves the most complex data analytics challenges of Fortune 500 companies without requiring an army of professional services experts and data scientists.'

Working with a Fortune 50 company that sought to optimize accounts receivable collections without increasing collector headcount, Maana improved A/R collections by 65 percent over the prior year. Maana crawled and mined historical data, identified the factors that affect late payments, operationalized call queue insights in the collection system, and provided on-going recommendations that helped maximize A/R collections.

The Most Comprehensive End-to-End Big Data Analytics Platform
Maana's end-to-end analytics platform enables enterprises to analyze data in multiple silos simultaneously, allowing them to dramatically accelerate - from months to days - the time it takes to get from raw data to continuous insights. These insights optimize key assets and business processes of Fortune 500 companies, which can translate into millions of dollars in increased profitability. Maana's recent enhancements make the platform even more comprehensive by including:

Flexible Knowledge Modeling (with or without ontologies)
Emergent Semantic Graph: Creates a continuous knowledge structure of assets for iterative insight discovery
Assisted Modeling: Organizes raw data into meaningful, flexible, overlapping categories (without re-indexing)
Ontology Support: Maana doesn't require ontologies (i.e., it is statistically semantic), but ontology support is provided
Knowledge Representation: Powerful model that integrates structured, semi-structured, unstructured, time series, sensor, events, multimedia, and categorical information - all from multiple sources
Powerful Query Language: Similar to SQL but supporting graph operations, data reshaping, arbitrary calculations, and transformations - all at massive scale

Advanced Analytics
Continuous Insights: Continuously updates insights with incremental data sources and updated data
Temporal Co-occurrence: Finds relationships between events that happen together in time
Temporal Clustering: Clustering of temporal entities based on configurable distance metrics
Auto-parsing: Automatically converts unstructured log file data into structured data
Topic Modeling: Identifies topics that describe text fields and clusters the results
Similarity Search: Finds similar entities based on exemplars and a set of user-defined features

UI to Interactively Navigate Descriptive Statistical Analysis
• Introduction of Notebooks, advanced filters, and connected search to support data modeling and analysis from the UI
• Compare Entities and groups of Entities on the basis of shared aggregate measures

Operationalized Deployment of Data Mining Models
Operationalize into Business Applications: Maana's APIs and extensible Custom Answer Service enable line-of business applications to harness insights for thousands of employees to make better decisions
Adaptable Insights: Maana's model is aware; it learns from the actions of the subject-matter experts and adapts
Executive Analytics: Measures the improvement on an organization's KPIs, that results from Maana's on-going operational recommendations

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