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Modern data science unlocks over 50 years of UKCS data

Friday, December 9, 2016

Over 50 years of North Sea exploration data has been mined as part of a Data Challenge set by Common Data Access (CDA), a subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK established to facilitate the sharing of well and seismic data by the oil and gas industry.

The Challenge was launched with the aim of demonstrating that modern data and analytical techniques can yield valuable insights in the search for hydrocarbons.

Nine companies - Agile Data Decisions, AGR Software, Cray Inc., Flare Solutions, Hampton Data Services, Independent Data Services, KADME, New Digital Business, and Schlumberger Software Integrated Solutions - were given bulk access to released data stored in CDA's UKOilandGasData repository, to enable them to demonstrate and validate their data science capabilities.

Using the data, the companies were able to showcase how offshore wells could be planned at a lower cost and how drilling risk could be reduced, highlight how prospective areas could be identified for exploration more cost-effectively and investigate the challenges of handling high volumes of vintage and current drilling data.

The companies' fresh approach to extracting greater value from the extensive data resource could significantly advance the industry's understanding of how data science, when supported by effective data management, can contribute to maximising recovery of hydrocarbons from the UKCS.

The results of the Unstructured Data Challenge 2016 will be presented by the Challenge participants at a workshop on November 30 at the Village Hotel in Aberdeen.

Malcolm Fleming, Chief Executive of CDA said: 'The documents and data CDA holds on behalf of its members describe over 50 years of UKCS exploration and development activity. Through the application of current data science and machine learning techniques that the participants in the Data Challenge put forward, this archive becomes an invaluable resource for exploring in a low cost, resource constrained world. Data science enables better, faster decision making, and initiatives like the Data Challenge can help our industry to go after the estimated up to 20 billion barrels of oil and gas on the UKCS.'

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