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Optimising the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Friday, July 6, 2018

Project between AkerBP and Lloyd's Register tests latest software to optimise maintenance activities on AkerBP's Skarv FPSO.

Lloyd's Register (LR) has started work with AkerBP for maintenance optimization of its Skarv FPSO infrastructure and equipment on a test project in Norway.

LR is using its market leading RTAMO software to support AkerBP in their aims to optimise maintenance activities in terms of criticality and cost.

RTAMO (Real-Time Adaptive Maintenance Optimization) is a standalone cloud-based software-enabled service that is based on a detailed development initiative, that culminated in establishing predictive algorithms linking planned maintenance to economic and reliability outcomes. It is a widespread challenge for operators, that inspection and maintenance intervals are often not optimized. RTAMO uses data to optimize inspection and maintenance intervals to avoid unnecessary maintenance and inspection as well as avoid production shutdown due to equipment failure. The software has been able to achieve up to a 40% reduction in operational maintenance expenditure for certain operators.

Alain Doumit, head of LR's Stavanger office says: 'LR is delighted to be working with AkerBP over the next few months. It is the first time RTAMO software is to be used on fixed facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and the work will be supported by our technical experts based out of our offices in Stavanger and in Aberdeen, UK.'

Recent maintenance optimisation projects conducted using RTAMO on more than 20 offshore facilities for major international operators and mid-cap operators, have delivered savings in their equipment and infrastructure maintenance costs. Projects have included Maersk, BG Group, Shell, Teekay and Centrica storage.

Doumit highlights: 'At LR we take a unique approach to asset performance management. We are immersed in the world where asset-intensive industries thrive, such as in oil and gas, chemical, power, marine and pharmaceutical. This specialist knowledge brings multi-sector talents to our asset integrity software, RTAMO. Using this software to manage our customers' maintenance burden will significantly reduce costs while demonstrating safe and responsible operations.'

Saurabh Kumar, Project focal point from AkerBP says: 'The RTAMO tool looks promising and we have good expectations from the test project as it is aligned with our lean way of working which we are incorporating in our organisation with a focus on simplification and efficiency.'

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