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Paradigm opens a Seismic Center of Excellence in Mumbai, India

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Paradigm announced that it has opened a Seismic Center of Excellence in Mumbai, India. The Center will focus on multi-line 2D seismic projects as part of its Geoscience Services offering.

The center, staffed by domain experts, will be dedicated to dealing with the challenges associated with processing, imaging, interpreting, and modeling of multi-line 2D seismic surveys.

The Seismic Center of Excellence is part of a comprehensive Geoscience Services business offered by Paradigm for oil and gas exploration and development projects around the world. The Geoscience Services offered include full azimuth seismic imaging and characterization, diffraction imaging, seismic inversion, velocity modeling, structural modeling, facies modeling, fracture modeling, pore pressure prediction, model uncertainty, well log management and other projects that require deeper insights into the subsurface.

Although high density 3D seismic data offers orders of magnitude of subsurface insights for both exploration and field development, 2D seismic data is still routinely used for field and basin reconnaissance where operational complexity makes it impractical or too costly to deploy 3D seismic methods. The sparseness of multi-line seismic surveys requires special skills, experience, and software to generate a 3D perspective of the subsurface from spatially-limited data.

'With its '3D perspective' of 2D seismic data, Paradigm has a huge advantage in providing operators with more value from multi-line 2D seismic surveys', said Shiv Singh, VP of Geoscience Services at Paradigm. 'The combination of our Echos, GeoDepth, SKUA-GOCAD, and SeisEarth solutions provides the ideal processing, imaging, interpretation, and modeling platform to support the challenges of the multi-line 2D seismic method. By carrying out these processes in a 3D setting, the resultant model ambiguities and uncertainties are reduced, line ties guaranteed, and well ties dramatically improved.'

Duane Dopkin, Paradigm's EVP of Geosciences, added, 'The success of our Geoscience Services offering relies on the combination of field experience, global geologic basin exposure, and dedicated software engineering to address a specific challenge. We believe that with a best practice focus on multi-line 2D seismic data, this 'Center of Excellence' will help operators with project budgetary constraints make better exploration and development decisions.'

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