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Presentations from our London digitalisation and methane emissions events online

Friday, November 23, 2018

We have most of the slides and videos from our events over the past two weeks, on methane emissions and digitalisation, available online.

Both of the events covered an enormous range of subject matter, and delegates might have drawn many different conclusions, but here are some short takeaways which I took from the events,

METHANE - measuring methane emissions from a gas well or facility, and auditing someone else's methane numbers, is much harder than is commonly understood, because there is not actually any completely robust way to do it! Very interesting developments to monitor greenhouse gas emission by satellite, but no clear understanding about how well it actually works. This issue can only become more important as regulators crack down on greenhouse gas emissions. There could be business opportunities for people with a good understanding of gas facilities, the various sensing devices, and an ability to fill in the gaps in data with good judgement, in helping companies understand their emissions or audit their numbers.

DIGITALISATION - the oil and gas industry could be spending far more on using analytics to find ways to improve the performance of its business.About 0.1 per cent of oil and gas employees do this, compared to 1 per cent in automotive and 7 per cent in social media companies, according to Bain. Good analytics, when it is available, can often provide a better answer than expert judgement. But this sort of analytics can only add value when the data is fairly well structured and integrated - and integrating and structuring the data takes far more time than the analytics itself.

Both events emphasised - to me - the continued importance of expert judgement and understanding in a digitalised world - particularly when data is incomplete, unreliable, or not integrated well enough. We'll be exploring how digital technology can better support human understanding and judgement at our event in Stavanger next week - and in London in January.

Karl Jeffery

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