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Return To Scene launches next generation “Mosaic”

Friday, November 18, 2016

Aberdeen company Return To Scene has launched a new version of its service called 'R2S Mosaic'.

The company makes technology which can take a 360 degree photographic capture of an offshore oil installation, which is then built within the R2S software and can then be used by someone who wants to familiarise themselves with the installation, or to make a better plan for maintenance work.

In the oil and gas industry, the biggest users are maintenance and engineering suppliers. They can use the software to plan work in detail, rather than needing to actually visit the rig and do a survey.

In some cases, the oil company will provide access to the R2S capture to companies which are bidding for a piece of work. The companies can use the photo to understand what the work involves.

With the latest version of the software (Mosaic), it is possible to integrate data from other systems onto the 3D picture, for example tag data from engineering databases and computer aided design (CAD) drawings.

The photograph is run through an photogrammetry tool, which is used to create a point cloud from the photographs, this is used to map every pixel on the photo onto 3D space.

This means that if you use the photo together with a 3D CAD model, you can map them together.

In this way, the end result is similar to a laser scan model, which also creates a 3D model from a scan made from a single point. But taking a photograph is much simpler and cheaper than laser scanning, the company says. The end image is also more realistic.

The camera can also get into smaller spaces and higher spaces than a laser scanner, the company says. For example, you can photograph a tank with a camera on a rod.

R2S was originally created with a plan to take photographs of crime scenes, which could be used in subsequent detective work - hence the company name, Return To Scene.

It was acquired in June 2016 by James Fisher Group of Barrow in Furness, UK, a service provider to the marine and oil and gas industry.

It is sold as a service, where R2S does the photography and provides it available to clients as a cloud service.

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