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RokDoc 6.4 boosts user efficiency and improves returns

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

During SEG 2016, Ikon Science launched RokDoc 6.4.

The significant enhancements of this release focus on stability, usability and performance to help users do more, more efficiently, with more data and yet still be confident that decisions are backed by Ikon's rigorous science and rock physics.

New users, occasional users, experts and asset team managers will all find something about this release that improves their experience with RokDoc. In particular, onshore project teams have praised the time that can be saved loading well data using the new LAS loader. A power-user at a major oil company commented that 'Loading and analysing large numbers wells manually could sometimes take ages, with these new LAS tools in RokDoc this can be done far more efficiently'.

Highlights include:

• Enhanced multi-file LAS reader aimed at speeding up the process of loading LAS files, and substantially reducing the amount of user interaction necessary
• MPI performance enhancement option for RokDoc Ji-Fi to maximize usage and efficiency of available cluster computing capacity
• Numerous usability enhancements to RokDoc 3D and RokDoc Ji-Fi, including support for non-linear rock physics depth trends and non-contiguous seismic data
• Various batch RokDoc 3D export improvements and a new scheduler to allow export processes to be scheduled and queued for execution at a specified time, thereby saving precious time for users and allowing them to focus on quantitative interpretation instead of waiting on time consuming processes to complete

Such updates ensure that RokDoc is now faster, more flexible and more powerful than ever, providing clients with the competitive edge required to achieve enhanced margins.

Quote from Dr Denis Saussus Chief Technology Officer:

'The improvements made in this release will benefit our users. Significant enhancements in RokDoc Ji-Fi include a high performance computing option to maximize the efficiency of available computing capacity. The RokDoc license structure has also been rationalised to create new workflow driven modules that maximize capabilities with efficient usage of features and functionality at optimal costs to clients.

Ikon Science's software development strategy is focused on providing genuinely innovative technology and offering our clients solutions that deliver the value creation and cost reductions that enable their business to succeed in even the most demanding market conditions.'

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