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Sercel adds the 'Go Anywhere' Nomad 15 to its vibrator family

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sercel has launched a new small and highly maneuverable vibrator truck, the Nomad 15, at the EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam.

The Nomad 15 joins Sercel's Nomad vibrator family which comprises the recently launched versatile Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrator and the powerful Nomad 90, which has the highest peak force in the industry (90.000 lbf). The Nomad vibrator is renowned for its all-terrain reliability and high performance on seismic surveys and over 970 units have been sold to date worldwide.

Easy deployment in zones where access is a challenge
Both compact and agile, the Nomad 15 has four-wheel steering for the very best maneuverability and performance in areas which are off limits to larger vibrator sources, such as forest, cities and sensitive-access zones.

High-quality results
With a peak force of 17,000 lbf and a rated operating frequency from 1 to 400 Hz, this new broadband source vibrator provides excellent vertical resolution for imaging shallow geological targets. Its unique design also gives the best mass/baseplate ratio available on the market, enabling it to deliver broadband frequencies while still maintaining the lowest distortion levels.

Reduced environmental impact
Designed to have a reduced environmental footprint, the Nomad 15 incorporates a low emission engine (Tier 4i/ Stage 3B) and is compatible with Sercel's recently developed IPM (Intelligent Power Management) software option which is now available across the Nomad range. This new option optimizes engine efficiency and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Pascal Rouiller, CEO, Sercel, says: 'The vibrator source is by far the most productive and flexible solution within our industry for acquiring seismic surveys. Our new Nomad 15 truck is not only more environmentally friendly, our customers will be able to deploy it in areas where it was previously impossible to operate with larger vibrator sources. This will significantly improve crew productivity and safety by dispensing with the need to use dynamite sources in certain zones.'

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