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Sercel launches the Nomad 90 Neo

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sercel announced the launch of the Nomad 90 Neo, its new super-heavy broadband vibrator. The Nomad 90 Neo benefits from major improvements in vibrator mechanical design as well as new functionalities to offer improved productivity and reliability.

With its advanced design, which includes a long mass stroke, a heavy mass, and high hydraulic pressures, the Nomad 90 Neo is ideally suited to generating high-quality, low-frequency sweeps. The Nomad 90 Neo also features a 90,000lbf hydraulic peak force and an ultra-stiff baseplate to improve high-frequency signal fidelity.

In addition to its broadband performance, the Nomad 90 Neo provides a significant productivity gain for low-frequency acquisition compared to conventional vibrators, as a result of its very low full-drive start frequency (4.4Hz@62,000lbf, 5Hz@80,000lbf).

This capability has a direct impact on the overall vibrator sweep length and ultimately increases crew productivity.

Compared to the previous generation of Nomad 90, the Neo has a lower center of gravity and smaller dimensions, designed to improve manoeuvrability and accessibility. Many of the vibrator's components are also cross-compatible with those of the Nomad 65 Neo to offer flexibility in spare parts management.

The Nomad 90 Neo is equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM), a unique capability developed for Sercel's Nomad vibrator family. While vibrators usually operate at a constant engine RPM, IPM automatically manages engine speed, reducing fuel consumption by up to 15% and minimizing noise and exhaust emissions.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: 'We are pleased to announce the launch of the Nomad 90 Neo, our new super-heavy vibrator. The Nomad 90 Neo has recently been deployed on several high-productivity projects in the Middle East where it was much appreciated by end-users for its high energy output, excellent sweep quality, and all-terrain capabilities. Combined with our new cross-technology powered 508XT acquisition system and ultra-low noise QuietSeis digital sensor, which has the lowest weight in the industry, Sercel offers the highest-productivity solution for broadband seismic data acquisition.”

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