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Sercel receives order for ten Nomad 65 Neo from PanAmerican

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sercel announced the order by PanAmerican Geophysical of ten Nomad 65 Neo, Sercel's new broadband vibrator.
Although the Neo is a brand new model, it builds on Sercel's long heritage of vibrator development and manufacturing. The PanAmerican order will include the 1000th Nomad 65 series vibrator to be manufactured by Sercel.

The Nomad 65 Neo is the result of an extensive re-design of the vibrator's mechanical and hydraulic components and shaker. This delivers superior performance by bringing down the sweep start's frequency at full drive, significantly reducing the time spent in emitting very low frequencies from 1Hz. This results in a positive impact on crew production and cost while facilitating the recording of an extra low frequency bandwidth that has proved to be very beneficial for vertical resolution and seismic inversion.

Reduced environmental impact
A newly developed feature of the new Nomad 65 Neo is the IPM (Intelligent Power Management). This onboard software
technology reduces environmental impact by performing an electronic control and regulation of the vibrator engine's RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) to match engine load, allowing for an appreciable fuel saving. Many of the vibrator's components have also evolved to provide improved ergonomics for a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Dave Pratt, Chairman of PanAmerican Geophysical, said: 'This purchase is part of a significant investment program we are making to increase both our efficiency and our capabilities in response to an increasingly competitive marketplace for seismic services. We believe that these new vibrators will bring us a significant competitive advantage in meeting our client needs for better data at a reduced cost.'

Pascal Rouiller, CEO Sercel, said: 'We are delighted by the choice of PanAmerican Geophysical to operate the new Nomad 65 Neo for their broadband source needs and their decision to equip these vibrators with Sercel VE464 controllers. With this significant order, we are very proud to pass this milestone of the 1000th Nomad 65 vibrator to be manufactured by Sercel.'

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