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Silixa's technology for the harsh and remote environments

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Silixa Ltd announces the release of the XT-DTS, the highest performance, ruggedized distributed temperature sensor currently on the market. Designed for remote and hostile environments, the unit collects extremely fine resolution data over a class-leading operating temperature range of -40°C to +65°C.

The XT-DTS, the latest addition to the company's ULTIMA DTS family, is a low power DC-operated sensing unit that matches the superior performance and reliability delivered by the ULTIMA DTS. With its ruggedized nature, the XT-DTS offers a new level of insight into previously unobtainable data collected in the harshest of environments.

The system can be configured and controlled remotely via a wireless or satellite link enabling remote data collection. It also contains a self-calibrating utility and on-board solid state storage.

The unit comes with four channels with a sampling resolution of only 25 centimetres and spatial resolution down to 60 centimetres over a measurement length of up to 10 kilometres. The XT-DTS has a minimum measurement time of 5 seconds. It achieves a temperature resolution that is better than 0.1oC at 5 km in less than 3 minutes. This temperature resolution can be further improved to 0.01oC by employing longer measurement intervals.

Dr Michael Mondanos, Vice President Industrial Applications, said: 'Silixa has developed a powerful, ruggedized, remote logging tool that offers the established high standard of resolution, accuracy and reliability of our ULTIMA DTS, but over a class-leading temperature range. This pushes the limits of distributed fibre optic temperature sensing, opening up new deployment possibilities. The XT-DTS will enable effective asset optimization and environmental risk management even in previously inaccessible environments.'

Founded in 2007 to develop and commercialize the next generation of distributed optical fibre sensors, Silixa has designed a series of solutions based on its distributed acoustic and distributed temperature sensing technologies.
With its headquarters and research facilities in London, United Kingdom, and an operational base in Houston, USA, Silixa Ltd. operates globally, across five continents.

The company is ISO accredited.

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