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Subsea-specific SimulationX 3.6 electric library released

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Agito, a company providing modelling and simulation of complex dynamic systems, announced the release of its SimulationX subsea electrical library.

Together with SimulationX software developers ITI, Agito has designed a software library for modelling electrical systems in subsea environments. As power and signals in these applications are transmitted within one system, models built with the subsea electrical library can be used for both signal and power analysis. Furthermore, the model structure can be used to evaluate system reliability using fault tree analysis (FTA) and failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) methods.

In 2010, Agito released the SimulationX subsea hydraulic library, strengthening the software''s position as state of art for the offshore / subsea industry. Since release of the first subsea-specific library, there has been a significant increase in the number of subsea equipment suppliers and operators using SimulationX software. The electrical subsea library further strengthens SimulationX''s position as the software of choice for analysis and simulation of subsea control systems.

Computer-assisted simulations and analysis provide simple and inexpensive information on a system''s capacity and robustness. This gives both economical and safety benefits in lieu of the building and testing of hardware. With the addition of the subsea electrical library, SimulationX is unique in that electrical, hydraulic, chemical distribution and multi-body systems can be modelled in a user-friendly environment.

By using simulation software, one can test a system virtually before putting it into real life testing and production. Various alternative solutions can be tested and the results will form the basis for choosing the components and dimensions to be used. SimulationX is the trend setter in physical system simulation. SimulationX is the first universal tool with subsea-specific libraries. Both hydraulic and electric subsea libraries are now available.

Agito has more than 30 years of modelling, simulation and analysis experience. The company has the resources available to complete hydraulic, electrical, and fluid analysis. Agito provides support at all project levels from initial studies to final testing and verification using software that meets the specific needs of the offshore / subsea industry. Agito performs dynamic analyses of critical functions in systems and provides detailed reporting.

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