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Weatherford implements Ikon Science RokDoc RT software for its global real-time

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weatherford International plc. has licensed the Ikon Science RokDoc RT software system to support its global rig-based real-time Pore Pressure Specialists team. The RokDoc RT system provides critical modelling tools that allow the Pore Pressure Specialists to recalibrate the well plan to the actual formation characteristics and boundaries that have been encountered during Pore Pressure while Drilling (PPwD).

Monitoring real-time PPwD is an activity as offshore operators around the globe increase their investment in risk management and risk mitigation for deep and ultra-deep offshore drilling. Pore pressure related incidents account for more than 40 percent of all non-productive time (NPT) during drilling operations.

'Ikon Science is pleased to support the Weatherford Surface Logging Division with a mature and effective tool to manage pressure risk during drilling,' said Martyn Millwood Hargrave, CEO of Ikon Science. 'With more than 50 years of PPwD experience, we look forward to working with one of the premier global oil and gas service companies to monitor and anticipate pore pressure events to reduce costly NPT and allow drillers to safely complete complex borehole designs.'

Weatherford combines traditional mud-logging techniques, state-of-the-art Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) and modelling technologies to inform the drilling crew in a timely manner of anomalous and unpredicted trends. Variations from pre-well prognosis can be readily interpreted, taking into account changes so a new plan can be sent to the rig.

'The innovative concepts and solid technology delivered by the RokDoc platform is a good match for our experienced wellsite consultants and the advanced tools and services they support.' said David Tonner, Director, Surface Logging Systems at Weatherford. 'Our focus and commitment is toward optimizing the drilling process and in all facets of our service delivery for our customers. The adoption of a new advanced software system for our Pore Pressure Specialists is another asset to help our clients meet their targets quickly and safely.'

Weatherford is a global leader in formation evaluation services with the industry's most advanced and comprehensive portfolio, from early well planning to reservoir management services, including surface logging systems, drilling services, lab services, petroleum consulting, testing and production services, and wireline services.

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