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Wireless Seismic announces Hybrid Radio Telemetry Capability with RT System 2

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wireless Seismic, Inc. announced the addition of a robust Hybrid Radio Telemetry system to its market-leading RT System 2 real-time wireless seismic data acquisition system. The Hybrid Radio Telemetry system enables your seismic data acquisition project to continue, uninterrupted, even if radio connectivity is temporarily lost for portions of the spread.

The standard operating mode for RT System 2 is real-time wireless recording with auto skip-healing, should any wireless remote units (WRUs) lose radio connectivity. With the hybrid telemetry mode, if radio connectivity is partially lost and auto skip-healing cannot overcome the immediate problem, then 'stranded' WRUs will immediately and automatically switch to operating autonomously, buffering their seismic data into local flash memory. When radio connectivity is restored, buffered data are wirelessly transmitted back to the Central recorder.

Alternatively, autonomous recording can be user selected at any time-where the seismic data will be buffered into local flash memory while real-time QC data continues to stream to the Central recorder. The buffered seismic data can then be collected wirelessly at the operator's convenience.

'Adding the Hybrid Radio Telemetry capability to RT System 2 further automates and simplifies the operation of the radio network and enables a seismic crew to achieve uninterrupted data acquisition with a real-time recording system,' stated Mick Lambert, President & CEO of Wireless Seismic. 'When your crew's performance becomes essentially immune to reduced radio connectivity, it can continue to operate at its maximum efficiency, thus increasing bottom-line productivity.'

Wireless Seismic will exhibit the RT System 2 featuring the Hybrid Radio Telemetry capability at the annual conference of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in Denver, Colorado, October 26-29.

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