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Schlumberger selects Microsoft as a preferred cloud provider
Deployment of the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment on Microsoft Azure, and DrillPlan on Azure Stack, marks significant progress in extending cloud solutions to the E&P market.
08 Nov 2019

Fieldbit adds groundbreaking augmented reality data visualization to platform
Fieldbit, a leader in real-time augmented reality knowledge and collaboration solutions for field service workforces, announced the addition of real-time data visualization (spatial computing) to its multi-source knowledge platform.
08 Nov 2019

Lenovo delivers full-scale security and efficiency with ThinkStation P920 Rack
The modern workplace is changing. Professionals were once limited to what they could accomplish within the four walls of their offices. But now they have the power to take their work anywhere - from film sets to oil rigs and plots of land where future skyscrapers will eventually stand.
08 Nov 2019

IHS Markit and Schlumberger announce strategic collaboration
Collaboration will provide analytics-ready data from IHS Markit directly accessible from the GAIA platform.
08 Nov 2019

How data managers can do scripting
Alvin Alexander, geo technician from JX Nippon, taught himself to do scripting with Python to automate common data management tasks. He explained how he does it at our KL conference.
01 Nov 2019

Teradata - getting data out of the applications
One of the biggest hurdles for oil and gas companies in their analytics projects is finding ways to release data which is 'locked' in software applications. Teradata's Jane McConnell explained why the problem exists and how to tackle it.
01 Nov 2019

AI project aims to unlock "treasure trove" of big data for oil and gas
A joint project involving researchers from the University of Aberdeen is using artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock the 'treasure trove' of raw data collected by the oil and gas industry in order to maximise economic recovery.
01 Nov 2019

Shearwater GeoServices returns for acquisition and processing contract in Turkey
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') announced the award of a seismic acquisition and depth processing contract by Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortakl??? (TPAO).
01 Nov 2019

Serica Energy first to digitise safety in the North Sea with Restrata Platform
Serica Energy has become the first operator to digitise safety in the North Sea after signing a deal to adopt the Restrata Platform - a piece of cutting edge technology which provides real-time monitoring of people and assets around the world.
01 Nov 2019

Allseas chooses WFS Seatooth Pipelogger for major subsea pipeline project
Allseas, a global leader in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction, has chosen WFS Technologies' new Seatooth Pipelogger for the real time measurement of process temperature on a subsea pipeline system which they have installed recently.
01 Nov 2019

New mentoring app embraces the needs of tomorrow's talent
• OGTC partner with industry to launch modern approach to mentoring with new app • Diversity and inclusion a strategic target in initial pilot • Long term focus on retention and development of diverse talent pool
01 Nov 2019

Schlumberger introduces high-definition dual-imaging-while-drilling service
TerraSphere service overcomes geomechanics-related challenges and provides geological characterization in real time.
01 Nov 2019

Aberdeen firm innovative asset management tool AIDA could save millions
Aberdeen-headquartered asset integrity management firm IMRANDD launched Advanced Inspection Data Analytics (AIDA), a tool which has the potential to save companies upwards of 20% a year in inspection costs per asset and several million dollars from unplanned outages (even preventing one days outage could save upwards $1m).
01 Nov 2019

PetroCloud changes name to Twenty20 Solutions
PetroCloud, a leading provider of security, monitoring and automation solutions for customers with remote operations, announced it has changed its name from PetroCloud to Twenty20 Solutions.
01 Nov 2019

Eagle Ford operator saves $500k from scheduling software using Actenum
US scheduling software company Actenum reports that a (name undisclosed) Eagle Ford Shale operator was able to add $500k to its annual earnings, through being able to capture all of its program activities and milestones for a drilling program in a single schedule on the software.
27 Oct 2019

Seadrill launches safety technology for offshore drilling
Seadrill Limited ("Seadrill") announced the introduction of Vision IQ for offshore drilling rigs, a next-generation AI-enabled safety technology, which monitors and provides advanced warning of potential risks in the Red Zone.
08 Oct 2019

Wellbore Integrity Solutions joins OFS Portal
OFS Portal announced that Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) has joined the organization as a supplier member.
08 Oct 2019

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