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Geoteric launches revolutionary seismic interpretation products
Geoteric, a leading software and services provider to energy companies globally, announced the launch of its two new revolutionary seismic interpretation products, powered by artificial intelligence (AI): Collaborative AI and Geoteric Stratum.
08 Sep 2020

Shearwater GeoServices announces new 3D seismic acquisition agreement with ION
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') has announced a new 3D seismic acquisition award for ION Geophysical's UK Mid North Sea High ('MNSH') program.
08 Sep 2020

Emerson updates reservoir modelling software with new method
Emerson announced the release of RMS 12, the latest version of its advanced reservoir modelling software solution.
08 Sep 2020

Equinor signs on for DUG McCloud expertise
High-performance computing experts DUG Technology and Norwegian energy giant Equinor have signed a multi-year deal covering seismic processing and imaging technology.
08 Sep 2020

CGG adds second azimuth to Northern Viking Graben multi-client survey
CGG announced the commencement of a new multi-client 3D survey in the Northern North Sea.
08 Sep 2020

Shearwater GeoServices receives CGG Norway Award
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') is pleased to announce it has received an award by CGG for a 3D survey in Norway.
08 Sep 2020

Mapmakers vs Opaquers - new book by DEJ's editor
Perhaps when people complain about "resistance to change" or "information overload" with digital projects, perhaps the root cause is a lack of a clear map of what the technology is meant to do - some ideas from a book published this week by Digital Energy Journal's editor.
04 Sep 2020

PETROLERN LLC awarded D.O.E grant for real-time subsurface monitoring
PETROLERN LLC, an Atlanta based technology company, has been awarded a $1.2 million grant from the United States Department of Energy (D.O.E.) to further develop and commercialize its state-of-the-art machine learning based technology for real-time acquisition, compression, transmission, and processing of large subsurface datasets.
23 Jul 2020

Jaguar E&P selects Emerson to enhance onshore exploration and production program
Mexico-based operator will use Emerson's E&P software and services to safeguard its investment by reducing uncertainty in exploration and development.
16 Jul 2020

Energistics - using RESQML to move subsurface data
The RESQML data exchange standard makes it possible to move subsurface data from one software application to another, with no loss of data fidelity. This makes it possible for geoscientists to adopt much more complex workflows with multiple software applications made by different companies, says Ross Philo of Energistics.
02 Jul 2020

Shearwater GeoServices awarded seismic survey
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') is pleased to announce the award of a combined 3D and 2D towed streamer seismic acquisition and processing contract in the Andaman Sea and Kerala-Konkan coastal waters offshore India.
02 Jul 2020

Shearwater announces new awards with business update
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS (Shearwater) provided a business update yesterday.
02 Jul 2020

CGG GeoSoftware and Alibaba Cloud collaborate to support the E&P Industry
CGG GeoSoftware has collaborated with Alibaba Cloud to successfully deploy its suite of proprietary geoscience software solutions on the Alibaba Cloud platform.
02 Jul 2020

Schlumberger introduces Symphony live downhole reservoir testing
Schlumberger has introduced Symphony* live downhole reservoir testing, a technology platform that enables operational control of the downhole testing toolstring to deliver real-time downhole measurements.
02 Jul 2020

Ikon Science relaunches Geos Between Jobs Program
Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, announced the return of its Geos Between Jobs Program .
02 Jul 2020

Geoprocesados opens Brazilian P&I centre backed by DUG McCloud
Geoprocesados and DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) are pleased to announce that Geoprocesados has recently opened a new DUG McCloud-based seismic processing and imaging (P&I) centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
02 Jul 2020

DUG, Fairfield sign strategic agreement
Fairfield Geotechnologies and DUG Technology are pleased to announce the signing of a comprehensive strategic agreement that includes the reprocessing and imaging of over 5,000 square miles of multi-client seismic data.
02 Jul 2020

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