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Fortinet and Siemens partner to provide best-in-class protection
Siemens joins the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Programme and announce an Integrated Security Solution and Worldwide Bundle Partner Agreement to support OT/ICS Environments.
06 Jan 2020

Honeywell control system to remotely support BP's Trinidad Compression platform
Integrated control and safety system to enable safety, efficiency and digital security on BP's Trinidad Cassia Compression platform.
06 Jan 2020

Drillinginfo becomes Enverus and commemorates 20 years
Enverus, formerly known as Drillinginfo, is celebrating its recent revenue growth and successful acquisitions with its new brand, which better reflects the company's identity as the leading energy SaaS platform and analytics company.
29 Nov 2019

PDO completes second phase toward digital transformation strategy with Hexagon
Major oil exploration and production company in Oman digitalizes operations to have a centralized, integrated and intelligent asset information solution.
29 Nov 2019

ML on equipment - spotting failure signatures
The best way to use machine learning to improve equipment performance is by spotting a 'signature' of an emerging problem, perhaps months before it actually emerges. We talked to Mike Brooks, Asset Performance Management (APM) consultant at AspenTech.
22 Nov 2019

How do we use machine learning on oil and gas subsurface and production data?
We asked Duane Dopkin, Executive Vice President of Geosciences at Emerson E&P Software, about how he sees machine learning's role in oil and gas production and subsurface data - and where it is going.
22 Nov 2019

Machine learning may change oil and gas - but not the way we think
Accenture published a survey of C-suite and director level IT and business executives, saying that 76 per cent of them believe that 'DARQ' - that's distributed ledger, AI, extended reality and quantum computing - will have a 'transformational or extensive impact on their organisations over the next three years.'
22 Nov 2019

Halliburton introduces automated drilling telemetry service
Halliburton Company released QuickPulse Automated Directional Gamma Service, a new measurement while drilling (MWD) technology, that provides quick and reliable downhole information at extended depths to deliver wells faster.
19 Nov 2019

Schlumberger and TIBCO collaborate to provide advanced analytics
Integrated cloud access to analytics technology complements Schlumberger's petrotechnical software.
19 Nov 2019

Asset performance and risk management decisions still rely on single data source
71% of oil and gas asset performance and risk management decisions still rely on a single data source, Lloyd's Register report reveals.
19 Nov 2019

Welaptega completes mooring inspection campaign for BP in Angola
Leading underwater inspection provider, Welaptega, has used its pioneering optical chain measurement system (CMS), complete with new automated edge tracking software, to execute a mooring inspection campaign for BP offshore Angola in very challenging subsea conditions.
19 Nov 2019

Petrosys valued-added development continues with release of Petrosys PRO 2019.2
Petrosys PRO 2019.1 solidified the software's position in the production world by focusing on well data improvements.
19 Nov 2019

Schlumberger, Chevron and Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation
Global organizations will work together to accelerate development of cloud-native solutions and deliver actionable data insights for the industry.
19 Nov 2019

Schlumberger selects Microsoft as a preferred cloud provider
Deployment of the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment on Microsoft Azure, and DrillPlan on Azure Stack, marks significant progress in extending cloud solutions to the E&P market.
08 Nov 2019

Fieldbit adds groundbreaking augmented reality data visualization to platform
Fieldbit, a leader in real-time augmented reality knowledge and collaboration solutions for field service workforces, announced the addition of real-time data visualization (spatial computing) to its multi-source knowledge platform.
08 Nov 2019

Lenovo delivers full-scale security and efficiency with ThinkStation P920 Rack
The modern workplace is changing. Professionals were once limited to what they could accomplish within the four walls of their offices. But now they have the power to take their work anywhere - from film sets to oil rigs and plots of land where future skyscrapers will eventually stand.
08 Nov 2019

IHS Markit and Schlumberger announce strategic collaboration
Collaboration will provide analytics-ready data from IHS Markit directly accessible from the GAIA platform.
08 Nov 2019

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