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Independent reservoir analysis system from Probe uses pulsed-neutron technology
Probe, a leading supplier of logging and reservoir monitoring technology to the global oil and gas and geothermal industries, has announced the RAS pulsed-neutron tool, a three-detector system that uses sigma and carbon-oxygen (C/O) techniques to measure reservoir fluid saturation of oil, water and gas.
11 May 2018

Total to develop artificial intelligence solutions with Google Cloud
Total and Google Cloud have signed an agreement to jointly develop artificial intelligence (A.I.) solutions applied to subsurface data analysis for oil and gas exploration and production.
11 May 2018

OCTIO - measuring gravity, subsidence and seismic on the seabed
OCTIO of Bergen provides services for recording gravity changes, pressure changes (an indication of seafloor subsidence) and seismic from the seabed - all useful ways to get observational data on reservoirs in production.
04 May 2018

Exa and BP - get relative permeability from a digital rock sample
Exa Corporation has developed software together with BP to model flows of multiple fluids through a digital image of a physical rock sample, and so find the relative permeability, a critical factor in understanding the reservoir.
04 May 2018

Former Schlumberger Executive joins Acoustic Data as Chairman of the Board
Industry veteran appointed to help guide company's growth strategy.
01 May 2018

Shearwater GeoServices returns to Atlantic Margin for TGS
Shearwater GeoServices AS (Shearwater) has been awarded a new contract by the Multi-Client geophysical company TGS.
01 May 2018

Paradigm k - a new cloud-based system for production engineers
Oil and gas E&P software company Paradigm has developed a cloud-based system for production engineers that provides well surveillance data, reservoir simulations, and online collaboration capabilities.
17 Apr 2018

How to use analytics in subsurface
Said Jane McConnell, Practice Partner - Oil and Gas at Teradata.
17 Apr 2018

Sercel delivers a 25,000-channel 508 land acquisition system to Algeoland
Sercel announced the delivery of a 25,000-channel 508 XT land seismic acquisition system and 15 Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrators to Algeoland, Algeria's leading private geophysical company.
17 Apr 2018

Repsol selects Emerson for multi-year exploration technology contract
Emerson announced it has signed a multi-year contract with Repsol to provide its Paradigm Exploration & Production (E&P) software suite across all Repsol global exploration operations to help identify and evaluate new and existing opportunities more accurately.
29 Mar 2018

Enhanced economic recovery with the release of RokDoc 6.5.2
RokDoc 6.5.2 sees significant usability and performance enhancements across the software suite along with enrichment of the reservoir characterisation and ML enabled Python interface as Ikon Science continue to focus on delivering accessible yet cutting edge science within a collaborative and fully cross-disciplinary platform.
29 Mar 2018

CGG adds Santos VIII multi-client survey to its unique coverage offshore Brazil
CGG has commenced acquisition of a large broadband 3D multi-client survey in the pre-salt area of the deepwater Santos Basin.
29 Mar 2018

Using graph databases in E&P
Graph databases, which use abstract data structures rather than rigid boxed data structures, could prove very useful in E&P, particularly working with complex data sets. Michelle Lim from PETRONAS explained.
27 Mar 2018

Data managers and judgement
Oil and gas data managers rarely have the resources to keep the company data perfect, so they need to use their judgement on where their time adds the most value, said data management consultant Philip Lesslar, formerly with PETRONAS.
27 Mar 2018

CGG announces Sophie Zurquiyah as CEO & the cooptation of two new Board members
Following the press release from December 4, 2017 in which CGG announced the launch of a new CEO, to replace Mr Jean-Georges Malcor, who has decided not to pursue his mandate once the restructuring process is completed; the Board of Directors, after its March 23 meeting, announced the appointment of Mrs Sophie Zurquiyah as CEO.
27 Mar 2018

Sercel sells Sentinel HR high-resolution streamer system to AWI
CGG announced that Sercel has sold one of its new Sentinel HR high-resolution solid streamers to the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), a German research foundation specializing in polar and marine research in the Arctic and Antarctic.
13 Mar 2018

"Early warning" CO2 tracking technique could prove invaluable to climate action
New research showing how naturally occurring noble gases can be used to track the movement of carbon dioxide (CO2) injected underground could provide a reliable monitoring technique for carbon storage operators worldwide.
02 Mar 2018

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