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Elsevier expands Indonesian content in Geofacets
Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health, has announced an expansion of Geofacets, its information solution for exploration and development, with the addition of content from the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA).
29 Jun 2018

LEADER - How oil and gas digital technology changed at EAGE last week
An executive forum at the EAGE (European Association of Geophysicists and Engineers) event in Copenhagen last week gave a remarkable insight into how oil and gas digital technology changes when senior managers take an interest in digital technology and the value it can add - they push for a better working relationship between people and machine.
20 Jun 2018

Dassault Systèmes - doing more with reservoir data
Dassault Systèmes is helping oil and gas companies integrate and work with all types of reservoir data.
05 Jun 2018

How Kosmos Energy is one of the world's top explorers
Kosmos Energy is one of the world's biggest oil and gas exploration success stories, involved in 2 out of the 3 major deepwater cretaceous basin discoveries over the past 10 years. Paul Dailly, SVP exploration, explained how it does it.
05 Jun 2018

CGG GeoConsulting launches Robertson New Ventures Suite
CGG GeoConsulting has launched the Robertson New Ventures Suite, an integrated and digitally transformed family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that offer clients a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.
05 Jun 2018

Halliburton introduces EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service
Innovative, disruptive technology more than doubles industry standard for depth of investigation.
05 Jun 2018

Shearwater GeoServices awarded two 4D surveys
Shearwater GeoServices (Shearwater) has been awarded two 4D surveys for the North Sea market. The 4D surveys will commence in the second quarter of 2018 and will be conducted back-to-back over a period of approximately two months.
25 May 2018

Roxar Tempest 8.2 offers more robust risk analysis and reserves estimates
Roxar Tempest 8.2 comes with Big Loop extensions and greater third party integration taking reservoir engineers beyond traditional flow simulation capabilities and delivering greater project certainty through improved risk analysis.
25 May 2018

Shearwater GeoServices awarded 3D seismic acquisition contracts in West Africa
Shearwater GeoServices (Shearwater) has been awarded a contract to acquire 3D seismic for Genel Energy in the Sidi Moussa license offshore Morocco.
25 May 2018

Lev Vernik signs deal with Ikon Science to become latest Scientific Advisor
Ikon Science, the leading global GeoPrediction Company announced a new partnership with Lev Vernik, author and world expert in rock physics.
25 May 2018

Would a digitalisation maturity roadmap help?
Do you think it would help to have a digitalisation maturity roadmap for the oil and gas industry, defining what ‘maturity’ means, so companies, can see a pathway to improving and getting more benefit from digital technology? And are you interested in being part of the development of one?
21 May 2018

Analysing fracs using a surface pressure gauge and bridge plug
Reveal Energy Services, a Houston company spun out from Statoil, has developed pressure-based fracture map technology to evaluate the frac half-length, height, and asymmetry. The technology is based on a pressure gauge and a bridge plug on a monitor well, and some clever data analytics.
11 May 2018

Independent reservoir analysis system from Probe uses pulsed-neutron technology
Probe, a leading supplier of logging and reservoir monitoring technology to the global oil and gas and geothermal industries, has announced the RAS pulsed-neutron tool, a three-detector system that uses sigma and carbon-oxygen (C/O) techniques to measure reservoir fluid saturation of oil, water and gas.
11 May 2018

Total to develop artificial intelligence solutions with Google Cloud
Total and Google Cloud have signed an agreement to jointly develop artificial intelligence (A.I.) solutions applied to subsurface data analysis for oil and gas exploration and production.
11 May 2018

OCTIO - measuring gravity, subsidence and seismic on the seabed
OCTIO of Bergen provides services for recording gravity changes, pressure changes (an indication of seafloor subsidence) and seismic from the seabed - all useful ways to get observational data on reservoirs in production.
04 May 2018

Exa and BP - get relative permeability from a digital rock sample
Exa Corporation has developed software together with BP to model flows of multiple fluids through a digital image of a physical rock sample, and so find the relative permeability, a critical factor in understanding the reservoir.
04 May 2018

Former Schlumberger Executive joins Acoustic Data as Chairman of the Board
Industry veteran appointed to help guide company's growth strategy.
01 May 2018

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