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ITF technology showcase in Aberdeen on November 1
The oil industry "industry technology facilitator" (ITF), is holding its annual technology showcase in Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre on Thursday November 1.
16 Aug 2012

BP invests $100m in Manchester centre of advanced materials
BP is investing $100m in a new 'International Centre for Advanced Materials' at the University of Manchester, UK, to help go into deeper waters
08 Aug 2012

Andrew Gould - take advantage of service industry competition
The oil and gas service industry competes on technology and price. The question is whether or not operators use this dynamic to their full advantage, said Andrew Gould, a past chairman and CEO of Schlumberger and now chairman of BG Group, speaking at day two of the Energy Summit at the British Business Embassy on 7 August 2012
07 Aug 2012

Question mark over shale gas around the world - BP's Bob Dudley
There is enough oil and gas resources on the planet to meet world demand, but future constraints likely to be above ground, said Bob Dudley, CEO of BP, speaking at the British Business Embassy 'Energy Summit' on August 7. And there is a question mark over how far shale gas will go around the world
07 Aug 2012

Shell's head of upstream - reasons to be optimistic
We can be optimistic about the UK oil and gas industry because of the economic contribution it makes, the role companies play globally, and its partnerships with national oil companies, said Andrew Brown, upstream international director of Shell
07 Aug 2012

Vince Cable at UK energy summit - biggest university demand for engineering
For 2012 UK university applications, the biggest demand for places is in engineering, said UK government minister Vince Cable, speaking at the August 7th 'British Business Embassy' event on energy
07 Aug 2012

Local Motors: a model for oil and gas?
The opening speaker at the Intelligent Energy conference was a man who set up an open source car manufacturing facility in Arizona. Does he have a model for the oil and gas industry?
03 Aug 2012

BP - streamlining the screens
A major focus for BP's 'Field of the Future' project is providing more integrated information and reducing the number of screens people have to look at, says Steve Roberts, VP of BP's 'Field of the Future' program
27 Jul 2012

OriginOil: using electric pulsing to clean frac water
OriginOil of Los Angeles has started marketing its technology for cleaning frac water (water used for hydraulic fracturing of wells) using electronic pulsing.
27 Jul 2012

"Major London company" loses £800m in cyber attack
A "major London company" has lost £800m in a cyber attack, said Jonathan Evans, director general of the UK's Security Service (Mi5), in a speech in London on June 25th.
27 Jul 2012

Arthur D Little - put projects, technology and procurement together
Consultancy Arthur D Little has released a whitepaper which suggests that companies should combine together their projects, technology and procurement organisations into one division, based on interviews with Shell and Statoil.
19 Jul 2012

A shortage of cargo aircraft?
The oil and gas industry uses a lot of cargo aircraft, many of which were built by the Russians during the Cold War and are not being built any more, said Lesley Cripps of aircraft charterers Chapman Freeborn. This could mean problems in the future
13 Jul 2012

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