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APS Technology has assembled the most experienced independent MWD / LWD design team in the world. Our engineers, technicians, toolmakers and machinists create the world's most advanced and reliable electromechanical, instrumentation and sensor designs. APS is committed to delivering field performance and design confidence worldwide for all your off-the-shelf and custom MWD / LWD equipment needs.

APS Technology Latest News

APS Technology EM MWD system transmits from 10,104 ft. (3,080 m) TVD in OBM
APS Technology's SureShot EM MWD system has successfully transmitted from a depth of 10,104 feet (3,080 m) total vertical depth (TVD) in a Canadian well in oil-based mud (OBM). This is the deepest transmission to date for the APS EM system, marking an impressive achievement for EM tools in general.
03 Sep 2015

APS Technology announces successful first test of their Rotary Steerable System
APS Technology, Inc. announced the successful first drilling test of its SureSteer 475-rss Rotary Steerable System. The tool was used to drill a directional borehole at the company's Wallingford, CT drilling test facility. Successful and consistent performance was observed while building and turning the well, with doglegs up to 6.5?/100 ft. Further drilling tests will be conducted in advance of anticipated availability of the tool in late Q2, 2015.
07 May 2015

APS Technology Launches SureShot EM Telemetry System
APS Technology, Inc. announced the general availability of the SureShot EM Telemetry System. The announcement follows the completion of a successful joint field test which included drilling three wells; one in Signal Hill, CA and two in Bakersfield, CA with GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc., an independent, full-service directional drilling services provider specializing in directional drilling, well planning, mud motors and MWD/LWD services.
08 May 2014

APS drills one of the few Turkey horizontal wells
APS Technology, Inc. announced the successful drilling and geosteering of one of Turkey's few horizontal wells.
04 Jul 2013

APS's SureShot natural gamma sensor controller board upgrade
APS Technology, Inc. announced the general availability of an upgrade path for their natural gamma sensors.
09 May 2013

APS Technology Launches SureDrill Real-time Drilling Optimization Service
APS Technology, Inc., a provider of MWD /LWD (Measurements-While-Drilling / Logging-While-Drilling), drilling optimization and vibration management products for the oilfield, announced the completion of three field tests of SureDrill, a predictive / closed-loop drilling optimization service that provides real-time operating set points to maximize ROP and bit life maximization under changing drilling conditions.
09 May 2013

APS Technology Releases APSPlot Version 5.1
APS Technology, Inc., a provider of MWD / LWD (Measurements-While-Drilling / Logging-While-Drilling), drilling optimization and vibration management products for the oilfield, announced the release of APSPlot Version 5.1 (APSPlot v5.1).
09 May 2013

Phoenix and APS improve reliability of directional drilling tools
APS Technology of Wallingford, Connecticut, and Phoenix Technology Services of Calgary, report that they have improved reliability of their drilling tools.
29 Nov 2012

APS measures while drilling at 7580m HPHT in China
APS Technology of Connecticut reports that its measuring while drilling (MWD) tools have measured a high temperature, high pressure well in China, at total depth of 7,580m, true vertical depth of 6,670m, a new record for the company.
12 Oct 2012

APS Technology adds 50,000 square feet
APS Technology is expanding its facilities in Wallingford, Connecticut, for an additional 50,000 square feet of space.
04 May 2012

APS Technology launches well plotting software
APS Technology (based in Connecticut and Texas) has launched a software tool for plotting wells, called APSPlot Version 1.
01 May 2012


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