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ARKeX provides airborne and marine geophysical surveys for the oil and gas exploration industry. It specialises in Gravity Gradient Imaging (GGI), which measures minute variations in the earth''s gravitational field to help image subsurface structures. GGI has a much higher bandwidth and delivers a high resolution image than conventional gravity.

Mark Davies - Chief Scientist
Mark is a geoscientist with worldwide experience in the interpretation of geophysical data. He has previously worked for ARK Geophysics, the Hawaiian Institute Geophysics and Planetology and acted as a consultant for a wide range of oil, gas and mining companies, advising them on their geophysical exploration challenges. His particular expertise is in the application of potential field data to exp
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David Jackson - VP Geological Services
David has over 26 years experience in oil and gas exploration and production, and is a specialist in the integration of geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering. He has previously held roles at BP and Chevron. At Chevron, he worked on one of the world's supergiant oilfields, Greater Burgan-Kuwait, where he was part of Chevron's efforts to help the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) increase production
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ARKeX Latest News

ARKeX launch XField plug-in for Petrel
Integrated Gravity and Magnetic Modelling Plug-in Now Available for the Petrel E&P Software Platform
19 Jun 2014

ARKeX recommence SE Barents Sea FTG survey
ARKeX has recommenced acquiring a Multi-Client Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) survey within the South Eastern Barents Sea. The survey, started last year but postponed due to weather, will cover 42,784 Sq. km over the proposed NPD licencing areas.
24 Apr 2014

ARKeX appoints new president
ARKeX has announced that it has appointed Jim White as President.
13 Mar 2014

Data management for gravity and magnetic data- by ARKeX
UK geophysical service company ARKeX reports that it is moving ahead with its 'FieldBank' service which provides online access to gravity and magnetic exploration data.
27 Feb 2014

ARKeX multi-client FTG survey for the Barents Sea
ARKeX announced today that it has commenced a multi-client Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG), Gravity and Magnetic survey in the recently opened South Eastern Barents Sea off the coast of Norway. The survey covers 31,920 sq km over acreage due for licence in the 23rd Norwegian Licencing Round.
19 Sep 2013

ARKeX enter into exclusive deal with Lockheed Martin for Enhanced Gravity Gradio
ARKeX has entered into an exclusive 10 year agreement with Lockheed Martin to provide ARKeX with the next generation Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometers (eFTG) which will be available for airborne and marine geophysical surveying.
13 Sep 2013

ARKeX launches XFIELD
ARKeX has recently launched a geophysical software modelling tool, called XFIELD.
20 Jun 2013

ARKeX and ION offshore Greenland - largest ever offshore gravity survey
ARKeX, a UK provider of gravity gradiometry surveys, reports that it has completed a "Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry" (FTG) survey offshore Greenland for Ion Geophysical.
16 Aug 2012

ARKeX gravity gradiometer test facility at Cambridge Airport
UK gravity gradiometry survey company ARKeX has opened an exploration gravity gradiometry flight test facility at Cambridge Airport, UK.
22 Jun 2012

3D seismic + gravity survey offshore Greenland
Gravity gradiometry company ARKeX has announced a multi-client full tensor gravity gradiometry (FTG) survey offshore Greenland.
25 Apr 2012

ARKeX awarded Saudi Aramco Survey in the Red Sea
ARKeX, the provider of geophysical imaging services, has begun a BlueQube Marine gravity gradiometry survey in the Red Sea.
25 Mar 2011

ARKeX gravity survey in Uganda helps reduce seismic costs
An airborne gravity gradiometry survey in Uganda, performed by ARKeX on behalf of Tower Resources, has greatly improved structural definition within the Licence area, enabling improved focusing of a planned seismic programme with 'significant' resulting cost saving, says ARKeX.
21 Jan 2011


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