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Aramco is a global integrated energy and chemicals company. We are driven by the core belief that energy is opportunity. From producing approximately one in every eight barrels of the world's oil supply to developing new energy technologies, our global team is dedicated to creating impact in all that we do. We focus on making our resources more dependable, more sustainable and more useful. This helps promote stability and long-term growth around the world.

Aramco Latest News

Aramco and OQ Technology strengthen ties with new technology connectivity MoU
OQ Technology to expand Satellite IoT services and solutions for connecting Aramco's Intelligent Integrated Node (IIN) technology
19 Jul 2023

Using 3D printed devices to fix ‘total’ lost circulation events
Drillers can use a variety of devices to stop drilling fluid getting lost for holes up to 6mm. For bigger holes, researchers at Aramco are experimenting with a 3D printed design. It sounds expensive, but the cost of the lost circulation is much higher, so it is worth doing
03 May 2023

Condition monitoring of drilling RCDs
Aramco Researchers have developed a system to do condition monitoring of Rotational Control Devices (RCDs). These 'seal' the well while allowing the drill string to rotate and move up and down in managed pressure drilling
06 Oct 2022

Global CEOs commit to collective action on Cyber Resilience
• For the first time, 18 global organizations from the oil and gas ecosystem are championing a unified approach to mitigating growing cyber risks and pledging to promote cyber resilience • The global cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion a year by 2025; the threat of infrastructure breakdown due to a cyberattack is the top personal concern for cyber leaders • The World Economic Forum invites organizations across sectors to endorse the Cyber Resilience Pledge and enhance cybersecurity throughout their systems. Learn more here. • For more information on the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022, visit
25 May 2022

Aramco and Cognite join forces in new data venture
Based in Saudi Arabia, CNTXT aims to bring new cloud and industrial software solutions to the digital transformation space.
21 Jun 2022

Saudi Aramco's Saeed Mubarak - reality different to PowerPoint
You can make great PowerPoint slides about how you are doing big data and analytics - but it ends up very different when you try it on real data, said Saeed Mubarak, intelligent fields Champion at Saudi Aramco, speaking at the ENGenious forum in Aberdeen.
02 Apr 2019

Saudi Aramco and CGGVeritas robot seismic seabed research project "SpiceRack"
CGGVeritas and Saudi Aramco have announced a joint research project in seabed seismic acquisition, called "SpiceRack", to develop a robotised system for seabed seismic acquisition.
08 Nov 2012

Sudden IT disruption (virus) hits Saudi Aramco (Aug 15th)
Saudi Aramco issued a statement on August 15th to say that it had isolated all of its electronic systems from outside access as "an early precautionary measure that was taken following a sudden disruption that affected some of the sectors of its electronic network."
05 Sep 2012

First rigless electrical submersible pump installed in Middle East
Artificial Lift Company of Houston has installed a rigless electrical submersible pump in a Saudi Aramco well.
03 Feb 2012


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