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Founded in 1976, CGI is a global IT and business process services provider delivering high-quality business consulting, systems integration and managed services. With 68,000 professionals in 40 countries, CGI has an industry-leading track record of delivering 95% of projects on-time and on-budget, aligning our teams with clients' business strategies to achieve top-to-bottom line results.

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Elena Cinquegrana - Senior strategy manager
Elena is a Senior Strategy Manager for CGI with 18+ years exposure to direct and manage full cycle transformation and innovation programs. Having worked in the Oil & gas industry the vast majority of her career Elena is focused in defining strategic goals with Oil & Gas for CGI.
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Bob Baxter - Business Development Manager
Bob is a Business Development Manager for CGI with 30+ years’ experience in providing direct account management and providing innovative solutions. Having worked in the Oil & Gas industry for the vast majority of his career, Bob is currently focused on identifying Enterprise Asset Management opportunities within the Oil & Gas Upstream arena for CGI
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CGI Latest News

Explaining OSDU
There is growing buzz in the industry about the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) project. We heard more about what it is, how to work with a commercial provider, and how Energistics' standards are used in it, at a SPDM forum.
07 Dec 2021

The best way to mitigate cyber threats
Richard Holmes, head of cybersecurity services with CGI UK, shares his advice on the best way oil and gas companies can be prepared for the cybersecurity threat today.
16 May 2019

Using ISO 55000 for Enterprise Asset Management
The asset integrity standard ISO 55000 might sound like a dry subject, but gets exciting if it makes it easier for companies to work together, share infrastructure and reduce costs, says CGI's Bob Baxter
29 Oct 2014

Better ways to work with production data, by CGI
Companies are looking to do more and more with their production data - which means that the systems to gather, manage and share it need to be increasingly sophisticated, says Susan Macleod of CGI
31 Oct 2013

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A better understanding of offshore operations with digital technology
Understanding safety barriers, better use of safety barriers, achieving cybersecurity
27 Nov 2018

Using Analytics to Manage Asset Integrity
What is the best way to use analytics to understand asset and equipment condition
24 Sep 2014

Doing more with offshore engineering data
Develop and share expertise on working with offshore data, asset integrity data, document control
03 Jun 2014

2nd Doing More With Production Data
Developing expertise on working with production data - from well head to financial systems
07 May 2014


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