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Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with a clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data to help drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries around the world. Our core Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion, enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, operationalize, and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability.

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Cognite Latest News

Aramco and Cognite join forces in new data venture
Based in Saudi Arabia, CNTXT aims to bring new cloud and industrial software solutions to the digital transformation space.
21 Jun 2022

Reducing emissions with digital technologies
Senior leaders from Wintershall Dea, Aker BP and Cognizant shared perspectives on how they are reducing emissions and how digital technologies can help, speaking at a Cognite online event.
21 Apr 2022

Is 'digital twin' still a useful term?
Does the term 'digital twin' still mean something specific and useful? Or is it time to replace it with a term like 'industrial software,' since so many different types of software are called 'digital twin' these days? Cognite held an interesting debate.
21 Apr 2022

Making data easier to work with
How can we do more to make digital tools more useful for employees such as factory workers? Cognite put together a panel from Aarbakke, Forrester and VISMA to discuss.
24 Feb 2022

Aramco invests in Cognite
Cognite, a global leader in industrial software innovation, announced that Saudi Aramco, via its subsidiary Aramco Overseas Company B.V., has invested in Cognite by purchasing 100% of Aker BP's shares in the company.
19 Feb 2022

Cognite's successful use cases
Cognite successfully built tools to help companies manage contaminated water, maintenance programs, turbine shutdowns, ship performance and risk factors.
28 Apr 2021

Contextualized data from Cognite operationalized with Low Code
Aarbakke AS, a high-tech machining company based in Stavanger, Norway, is using 'low-code' software tools built with OutSystems, developed by PwC, running on data streamed from Cognite's platform, to support its machining operators.
22 Apr 2021

Cognite - how digital tools can help suppliers
Cognite is helping equipment suppliers get useful data about their products in operation. One project, involving oil and gas operator Aker BP and pump supplier Framo, shows how data sharing can lead to a different business relationship between oil companies and their suppliers.
22 Apr 2021

Aramco and Cognite joint venture to accelerate industrial digitalization
Saudi Aramco Development Company, a subsidiary of Aramco and Cognite AS ('Cognite') signed an agreement to establish a joint venture ('JV') as part of their strategic digitalization partnership.
21 Jan 2021

Cognite - a business putting data in context
Cognite, based in Oslo, has built a business putting oil and gas data in context - working closely with Aker BP - starting with production, now moving to subsurface and drilling data.
30 Oct 2020


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