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Digital Oilfield Solutions is a partnership between the UK company Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd and the US company Digital Oilfield Solutions Inc. Through its extended network of Independent Delivery Partners it can service projects on a global basis.

Digital Oilfield Solutions is a member of Energistics (Dr Julian Pickering chaired the WITSML Executive Team in 2009 and remains a team member). The promotion of WITSML and PRODML and the quantification of associated business benefits are key objectives of their delivery.

Julian Pickering - Director
Dr Julian Pickering has a degree in Applied Physics from Brunel University, London and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, where he was a BP scholar. He has worked for BP for 32 years and has held major posts including the Head of Digital Technology for Global Drilling and Completions and the Head of the Field of the Future Facilities Programme. He left BP in March 2010 an
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Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd Latest News

Do it like Apple does it
As oil and gas executives struggle to persuade people to use new technologies, perhaps there are some lessons to be learned from Apple - technology which people can't get their hands on fast enough?
25 Apr 2013

Stop talking about saving time
Digital oilfield technologies are often sold on the basis of the time savings they offer. Is this the best technique for getting them used in the industry?
18 Apr 2013

Digital oilfield, and how we feel
Would digital oilfield systems be more successful if they could take better account of the way people actually feel? This was discussed out our 'getting data tools implemented faster' sessions in Kuala Lumpur
11 Apr 2013

Getting DOF moving faster
Our panel of digital oilfield experts, from the US, Europe, Singapore and Australia, came up with some great ideas about how to get digital oilfield technologies implemented faster, at our discussion session in Kuala Lumpur
28 Mar 2013

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