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EMC specializes in mission-critical communications and content for organizations and people on the move in the most remote locations. At sea, on land and in the air, the company provides seamless, reliable connectivity and access. EMC leverages its wholly-owned and operated satellite-terrestrial-cellular broadband network with fully meshed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) interconnected teleports. The company delivers mission-critical communications, Internet, live TV, on-demand video, voice, cellular and 3G/LTE services worldwide. EMC operates in 140 countries and runs 52 global field support centers. The established EMC team, in business for 35 years, with unprecedented infrastructure and 20+ patented technologies, delivers industry firsts time and again. EMC hires and trains its own field engineers to flexibly deploy support quickly around the world. The company tailors its services for the most demanding users of mission-critical applications for the following sectors - energy; cruise and ferries; yachts; commercial shipping; mobile network operators; government; the United Nations (UN) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and global enterprises. For more information, visit

Bob Miller - Senior Technologist

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David Holmes - Chief Industry Executive, Global Oil & Gas Program

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EMC Latest News

EMC to provide VSAT service for seven GulfMark platform supply vessels
EMC has taken orders to supply VSAT equipment and services for seven platform supply vessels in the North Sea as part of a four-year fleet agreement with GulfMark (Norway).
17 Jun 2016

The future of seismic data by EMC
David Holmes, chief industry executive with EMC's Global Oil & Gas Program, explained what the future of seismic data management will look like
30 Apr 2015

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) to acquire MTN
Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) has signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire MTN Communications (MTN), a leading provider of communications and content for remote locations around the world. The combined entities bring together the most talented and experienced professionals in the remote communications industry, servicing land and maritime-based customers, with a transformative suite of network products and services for businesses and people, connecting in hard to reach places or on the move.
30 Apr 2015

A ‘third platform’ approach to analytics
For oil and gas companies looking to improve their efficiencies, the EMC technology and model for moving to a 'Third Platform' data driven approach will improve data capture, utilization and bottom-line results, said EMC's Chris Lenzsch
22 Jan 2015

Ceona Offshore selects EMC to provide on-board communications
Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) announced today that Ceona has selected the company to provide on-board communications solutions for its newest, most innovative field development asset, the Ceona Amazon. Christened on December 3rd, EMC delivered satellite connectivity services for the vessel's main operations, including voice, and crew welfare communications using SpeedNet for faster internet browsing.
18 Dec 2014

Have sponsored the following events

People and Seismic Data
Techniques and tools to help make seismic data easier to manage
11 Dec 2014

Better Ways to Manage Seismic Data
Better ways to make seismic data easier to load, QC, analyse, retrieve, and comply with regulation
27 Nov 2014

Using Analytics to Improve Production
Understand reservoirs - monitor wells - make field development decisions
23 Sep 2014

Doing more with subsurface data
Measuring subsurface data project success - using well data in subsurface interpretation
12 Mar 2014

Improving decision making with subsurface data
How can we make better decisions with subsurface data - with better analytics and data gathering?
19 Mar 2013


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