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Energistics is the leading upstream oil and gas industry's data standards body. We are a global, non-profit consortium established over 25 years ago to bring together industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative environment to develop and deploy open data exchange standards and to address oil and gas information sharing challenges. Our members consist of integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, hardware and software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community.
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Paul Maton - Principal Consultant
Dr Paul Maton is a principal consultant for Energistics, the not for profit organization based in Houston which develops standards for data exchange in oil and gas, including PRODML for sharing production data, WITSML for sharing well data and RESQML for transfer of geological and reservoir models. Members include Baker Hughes, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, ONGC, Saudi Aramco, Schlumberger
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Ross Philo - president and CEO
Ross Philo is President & CEO of Energistics where he leads the industry-sponsored consortium’s mission to define and deliver open data exchange standards that are developed collaboratively by member companies on behalf of the industry as a whole. Ross started his career as a Schlumberger field engineer and has 40 years’ experience in the upstream sector, including executive roles as CIO in a num
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Energistics Latest News

Energistics to become affiliate of Open Group
Standards organisation Energistics has announced plans to become an 'affiliate' of the Open Group, effective January 2022.
04 Sep 2021

Energistics - using RESQML to move subsurface data
The RESQML data exchange standard makes it possible to move subsurface data from one software application to another, with no loss of data fidelity. This makes it possible for geoscientists to adopt much more complex workflows with multiple software applications made by different companies, says Ross Philo of Energistics.
02 Jul 2020

ETP v1.2 Release Candidate available for comment
Energistics Consortium Inc. announced the availability of the ETP v1.2 Release Candidate for public review.
11 Feb 2020

Energistics demo - moving subsurface data between clouds
Oil and gas standards organisation Energistics ran a live demonstration at a SEG event of moving subsurface data between five different software applications on Amazon and Google Cloud, showing how RESQML makes it possible.
09 Jul 2019

Energistics appoints three new directors to its board
Energistics Consortium Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of three new directors to its board, replacing directors who have transitioned to new roles in their respective companies.
21 Nov 2017

Energistics - how data standards help cut costs
In a business environment where companies are looking deep and hard for ways to cut costs, executives are more open to hearing about how data standards might be able to help, says Energistics CEO Ross Philo.
07 Jul 2017

Energistics focuses on user adoption with next generation
Energistics announced the highly anticipated next generation, coordinated release of its exploration and production (E&P) data standards: WITSML v2.0 (drilling), PRODML v2.0 (production), RESQML v2.1 (reservoir) in conjunction with the Energistics Transfer Protocol, ETP v1.1.
24 Feb 2017

Oil metadata standards - can it help us find stuff?
Energistics is developing a new industry standard for metadata. Will it help people in the industry to find stuff and make sure they don't miss anything important? We interviewed Energistics CTO Jay Hollingsworth.
17 Jan 2017

Updated RESQML v2.1 release candidate available for public review and comment
RESQML release candidate 2 resolves two small but important issues uncovered since the initial release candidate was made public.
01 Jul 2016

Energy Industry Profile (EIP) v1.1 release candidate available for comment
The Energy Industry Profile (EIP) v1.1 is Energistics' metadata exchange specification developed using input and requirements provided by members of the global energy community.
10 May 2016

WITSML v2.0 available for comment
WITSML is the Energistics data exchange standard for specifying and exchanging data for wells and well-related operations and objects, such as drilling, logging and mud logging.
01 Apr 2016

Energistics Announcing WITSML Fundamentals Class
Are you using Energistics' WITSML data exchange standard but have questions about whether you are using it to its full potential? Or are you having difficulty just getting started?
15 Jan 2016

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How to digitalise exploration and wells - day 2
What digital initiatives will help exploration to be more effective and efficient?
03 Oct 2019

How to digitalise exploration and wells - day 1
What digital initiatives will help exploration to be more effective and efficient?
02 Oct 2019

Improving production rates through new approaches to digital technology
What approach would help develop, sell and deploy better software to support expert work?
14 Mar 2017

Reaping Operational Benefits through Digital Technology
How can facilities, operations and maintenance experts best work with analytics and data?
05 Oct 2016

Connecting Subsurface, Drilling Expertise with Digital Technology
How can analytics and data best help Malaysia's subsurface and drilling experts?
04 Oct 2016

Doing more with drilling data
Using data to improve safety and drilling efficiency
19 Feb 2014

Remote offshore control - managing drilling and production from shore
Developments with real time data systems
25 Nov 2013

Offshore remote control - managing drilling and production from shore
Improving onshore-offshore data integration in drilling and production
31 Oct 2013

Improving IT / IM infrastructure decisions
Making the best decisions about how to run your IT and IM infrastructure
29 May 2013

Doing more with drilling and wells data - improving well integrity
Improving drilling decision making with better information
28 May 2013

Improving IT / IM infrastructure decisions
Making the best decisions about how to run your IT and IM infrastructure
19 Apr 2013

Doing more with production data
Improving accuracy, transparency and efficiency of production data
18 Apr 2013

Improving decision making with subsurface data
How can subsurface data be better managed, presented and integrated, to support decision making?
17 Apr 2013

Developments with geophysics technology
Seismic data analysis - fibre optic monitoring - microseismic
16 Apr 2013

Improving decision making with subsurface data
How can we make better decisions with subsurface data - with better analytics and data gathering?
19 Mar 2013

Developments with the digital oilfield
making digital technology work
04 Dec 2012

Getting data tools implemented faster
How do we get data tools implemented and properly used faster - so people get the benefits?
25 Oct 2012

Doing more with subsurface data
Improving production through better understanding of the subsurface
25 Oct 2012

Doing more with drilling data
Drilling better into pay - and avoiding costly mistakes
24 Oct 2012

Doing more with drilling data
Drilling more efficiently and safely
16 Oct 2012

IT infrastructure for the digital oilfield
Keeping your IT infrastructure risk and hassle free
07 Jun 2012

Drilling and the digital oilfield
Earlier warnings, activity streams, subsurface data for drillers, drill cuttings data
08 May 2012

Developments with subsurface data
Finding better ways to work with subsurface data
13 Mar 2012

Developments with the digital oilfield
Learn about the latest exciting technology which can make the digital oilfield work
01 Dec 2011


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