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We aim to be the leading provider of cloud apps for every single oil and gas company. As part of that, we believe that every aspect of software provision for oil and gas can be improved. And improved again.

We deliver software solutions that are configurable, easy to use, exciting and evolving. We deliver exceptional service that recognises the individual needs of our customers and their businesses

Peter Black - Managing director
Everything I do is about allowing our customers to focus on their core business, and spend less time worrying about IT. My current focus is on cloud computing as a way to deliver advanced solutions for production allocation and reserves reporting to oil and gas companies. We have customers around the globe, including West Africa, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, the UK, Switzerland, and China.

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Peter Westwood - Technical director

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EnergySys Latest News

EnergySys welcome Chrysaor to their expanding clientbase
EnergySys Ltd is delighted to announce that Chrysaor has joined the rapidly growing number of oil and gas companies who use the innovative EnergySys Cloud Platform to manage their production data.
18 Aug 2017

Where the digital oilfield succeeded, by Peter Black
A review of recent technical papers on the 'digital oilfield' shows that some of the biggest successes has been through facilitating better collaboration, not, as previously thought, from connecting up an oilfield digitally. By Peter Black, managing director of EnergySys
10 Oct 2016

EnergySys announce US partner
EnergySys Ltd is delighted to announce the next stage of its expansion into the US.
12 Jul 2016

ZaZa Energy Corporation uses EnergySys' production data App
ZaZa Energy Corporation, an exploration and production company based in the Eagle Ford area of the US, has started using EnergySys' cloud based "Production Allocation Standard" App.
26 Aug 2014

Addressing the challenges in hydrocarbon allocation
EnergySys invite you to join apache and DC energy insights at this free event
24 Oct 2013

EnergySys - production allocation in the cloud
Computer systems to manage production data, or 'production allocation', are much easier to work with if they are hosted in the cloud, reckons UK company EnergySys
17 Jan 2013

Apache North Sea uses EnergySys Production Allocation cloud system
Oil and gas operator Apache has started using the Energysys cloud based system for managing production data, for its Forties and Bacchus fields.
05 Oct 2012

EnergySys new pricing model
EnergySys, a company which sells a cloud system for managing production data, has launched a new pricing model.
24 Aug 2012

(adv) EnergySys video explains their Production Allocation Cloud
The Production Allocation Cloud from EnergySys, explained in 96 seconds. Production allocation and production reporting for oil and gas with a simple subscription. Find out why what we left out was just as important as what we put in. Nothing but results
09 May 2012

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Improving production rates through new approaches to digital technology
What approach would help develop, sell and deploy better software to support expert work?
14 Mar 2017

Improving IT / IM infrastructure decisions
Making the best decisions about how to run your IT and IM infrastructure
29 May 2013


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