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We’re Equinor, an international energy company with a proud history. Formerly Statoil, we are 20,000 committed colleagues developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries worldwide. We’re the largest operator in Norway, among the world’

Equinor Latest News

Shearwater supports production optimisation - awards seismic projects by Equinor
Shearwater supports production optimisation through awarding 4D seismic projects by Equinor
13 Mar 2024

SLB and Equinor drill most autonomous well section to-date
The autonomous drilling platform combines apps, AI, physics-based science and free-flowing data to accelerate and improve exploration, development, drilling, production, and new energy operations.
30 Jan 2024

How Equinor implemented the ‘data mesh’ concept
The 'data mesh' concept is about 'packaging' a company's data management, so the output of every company department becomes a 'product' for any department which uses it. Equinor is trying out the idea
29 Nov 2023

Kongsberg selects Equinor for safety & emergency training simulations, Norway
Kongsberg Digital selected by Equinor to deliver cutting-edge simulation solutions for safety and emergency training in the north of Norway
14 Nov 2023

Equinor’s data governance roles
Equinor is developing a standardised way to approach data management across the company
03 Oct 2023

Halliburton’s Decisionspace® Geosciences selected by Equinor
Halliburton landmark Decisionspace® Geosciences selected as Equinor's standard subsurface data interpretation tool
31 May 2023

Energy companies set out to standardize digital supply of spare parts
The world's largest energy companies sign an Industry Collaboration Agreement to set an industry standard for a digital inventory ecosystem.
19 Jan 2023

Equinor partners with Horizon56
Horizon56 has strengthened its partnership with Equinor with a deal to further digitalise Equinor's operations.
20 Dec 2022

Emerson to help enable carbon-efficient production from Martin Linge and Equinor
Operational support services to optimise oil and gas production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and emissions
15 Nov 2022

Data mesh at Equinor
Equinor is finding the 'data mesh' concept very helpful in its digital transformation. Sun Maria Lehmann and Jorn Olmein explained how they use it
20 Jun 2022

CGG Awarded Long-Term 4D Imaging Contract by Equinor
The new contract between CGG and Equinor will apply high-end 4D imaging technologies for reimaging of towed-streamer data and improve reservoir monitoring.
25 May 2022

Nokia and NetNordic 5G-ready private LTE network for Equinor
Nokia announced it has collaborated with systems integrator, NetNordic, to enter into a frame agreement with Equinor, one of the world's leading producers of oil, gas and wind power, to deliver a private 4G and 5G-ready solution for Equinor's international operations.
08 Jun 2021


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