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Finding Petroleum was established to help the oil and gas industry network, and stay up to date on the latest technological developments. It does this via hosting regular events, distributing their colour magazine - Digital Energy Journal, and with an online social network of nearly 700 members.

David Bamford - Director
David Bamford is 63. He is a non-executive director at Tullow Oil plc and has various roles with Parkmead Group plc, PARAS Ltd and New Eyes Exploration Ltd, and runs his own consultancy. He writes regular articles for OilVoice and ROGTEC and is a co-founder of Finding Petroleum.

He retired from BP in 2003, after a 23 year career spent initially in research & technology, then the geophysic
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John Finder -

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Finding Petroleum Latest News

How people work with information
Consultant Andrew Zolnai is offering a service to map how people in your company actually work with information, and how the information flows, which he calls the 'information supply chain'.
24 Jun 2016

OAG Analytics - analytic workflows for specific tasks in unconventionals
OAG Analytics of Austin, TX has developed a number of ‘workflows’ for oil companies that can help them achieve a specific objective from their data, for example value an area of interest or optimize the completion design for a new well.
24 Jun 2016

The challenges of science and analytics - Duncan Irving
Bringing together 'traditional' science, such as geoscience, together with data science, can be difficult, particularly when data scientists try to do something which is traditionally in the science domain. Teradata's Duncan Irving has some ideas for how to do it.
10 Jun 2016

Transforming Subsurface Science
New techniques subsurface people can use to help their companies drill profitable wells
10 Jun 2016

Investors do not believe our story
Investors are getting very sceptical about the oil and gas industry's ability to find oil and gas, says Finding Petroleum Director David Bamford. Can better use of technology lead to more exploration success - and make us more investable?
02 Nov 2015

Using costs to predict the oil price
People usually the predict future oil price starting with an estimate of what OPEC wants the price to be, said Stuart Amor or RFC Ambrian. But it might be better to start by looking at industry costs.
27 Aug 2015

What can we learn from CRINE?
The 'CRINE' initiative of the early 1990s to reduce costs of North Sea operations, led to a reduction in new project costs of 30 per cent, according to Wood Mackenzie, but the benefits did not last forever. Is this something we can learn from now?
20 Aug 2015

I hope a couple of drilling companies go bust
I hope a couple of drilling companies go bust to encourage the others,' said Dr David Bamford, conference chairman and a non-executive director of Premier Oil
13 Aug 2015

Rock changes during production
To understand how a reservoir is being drained, you need to look at the rocks - and can towed streamer seismic, recording only P waves, help? by David Bamford
24 May 2012

Have sponsored the following events

How to digitalise exploration and wells - day 1
What digital initiatives will help exploration to be more effective and efficient?
02 Oct 2019

Connecting Subsurface, Drilling Expertise with Digital Technology
How can analytics and data best help Malaysia's subsurface and drilling experts?
04 Oct 2016

Using Analytics to Improve Production
How can geologists, production engineers, reservoir engineers and well engineers best collaborate?
29 Sep 2015

People and Subsea Data
Latest techniques for measuring, sensing, and processing subsea data to get a better understanding
10 Dec 2014

2nd People and Offshore Engineering Data
Finding better ways to manage offshore documents and data over the asset lifecycle
09 Dec 2014


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