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Foster Findlay Associates Limited ('ffA') is a world leader in the development and commercialisation of 3D seismic image processing technology for the oil and gas industry.
ffA provides world-leading geological expression software and services to the majors, NOC's and independents worldwide
Its flagship application GeoTeric, bridges the gap between processing and 3D interpretation by directly translating geophysical data into geological information.
GeoTeric, gives the interpreter the power to make the most informed seismically driven decisions and provide the basis for increased well success across a variety of geological environments.
GeoTeric has powered 300 successful projects for more than 100 E&P companies worldwide.
ffA is a UK company with offices in Aberdeen, Houston, Newcastle upon Tyne and London.

Jonathan Henderson - Managing director
Jonathan Henderson is a physicist with over 20 years of extensive experience in imaging and image analysis. His initial interests were in medical imaging, where he had worked on developing new methods for extracting and quantifying the information contained in x-rays and ultrasound scans. Since joining ffA in 2001, he has used his knowledge of medical image analysis to help the Company develop uni
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Gaynor Paton -
Gaynor has a PhD in Neurophysiology and therefore brings a unique approach to arriving at solutions in volumetric seismic interpretation. She has spent over a decade with ffA, been involved in over 300 seismic interpretation projects and has unparalleled expertise in applying image processing techniques to answer some of the most challenging interpretation enigmas. During this time, Gaynor has b
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Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) Latest News

Foster Findlay Associates releases plug-in for Landmark’s DecisionSpace
Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) has released a plug-in linking GeoTeric 2015 and Landmark's DecisionSpace® Geosciences as part of Landmark's iEnergy® Partner Program. This new plug-in enables GeoTeric and DecisionSpace Geosciences users to move seismic volumes, horizons and well data rapidly and extend data-sharing and seismic interpretation workflows seamlessly across the two industry-leading E&P technologies.
14 May 2015

GeoTeric : taking seismic interpretation further
ffA has developed a subsurface software called 'Geoteric' which aims to take seismic data processing further, to reveal geological and reservoir characteristics previously hidden in seismic data, giving the interpreter the power to make the most informed seismically driven decisions
13 Dec 2012


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