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Hampton Data Services Ltd was established in 1991, as a data management company specialising in "unstructured" legacy data within the oil and gas industry.

Headquartered in the UK, with a growing number of worldwide representative offices, Hampton Data has an experienced multi-lingual international team of data management specialists, data technicians, systems engineers and software developers.

Hampton will be exhibiting its HD GeoSCOPE E&P unstructured data handling solutions and associated data capture services.

HD Geoscope integrates with existing Windows folders and allows them and their content to be browsed associated with GIS map objects and simple Categories. This enables users to find useful data scattered around corporate shared folder systems, "C" Drives, USB/DVD disks in a fast and intuitive way.

HD Geoscope simply creates a virtual organisation to the data and the files themselves are not affected by the system. The association of files to map objects and user defined Categories, can be done both manually and automatically using “Auto Link Rules” ( which can be added to over time).

In addition, Geoscope finds and groups duplicate files, which will enables the user to reduce the amount of duplication over time.

The system is frequently used at the outset of a project, when large volumes ( 100,000+ data files) of new and unfamiliar E&P data files, in many varied formats, arrives into a project or asset team.

Rather than have the expensive G&G experts waste time familiarizing and looking for data inefficiently, HD GeoSCOPE presents the data; classified, sorted by type and linked to the relevant well, seismic line, survey, field, concession etc.

The data is therefore staged for the experts to immediately find what they have and proceed with their project.

Waclaw Jakubowicz - Managing director
Waclaw Jakubowicz set up Hampton Data in 1992 to develop specialist oil and gas industry data management applications aimed at improving operational efficiencies and data quality assurance.
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